Tuesday 1st October – News from the AGM

Tuesday 1st October – News from the AGM

Club Officials

As most are aware there are a couple of changes at the top of the Committee, President Mick Jeffrey after his 3 year term and Treasurer Julian Mawson, 13 years in office, both stepped down.  The committee, all those present and I’m sure those members who couldn’t make the AGM, expressed thanks to both for all of there hard work.

The new & continuing officials are:

President – Matt Podd has taken on the role of club President.

Secretary – John Dade

Membership Secretary – Hannah Mallinson has taken on the new roll of membership secretary.

Treasurer – Ian Broadbent has taken on all the other treasurer duties previously done by Julian.


Road – Liam Dunne & Tamara Weatherhead

Fell – Andrew Robertshaw & Sarah Fuller

Cross Country – Andrew Robertshaw


This year’s subscriptions are now due,  because of last year’s UK Athletics £5 increase per club member the standard subs have been increased to £30,  all other rates ‘Friends’ & 2nd Claim have remained the same.

Club Mark Application

Hugh Pearson got the go ahead for Otley to push for the UK Athletics club accreditation which is needed for the club to move forward particularly regarding funding for the juniors and the Tony Walker’s Chevin Olympic Park, & please ‘like‘ this facebook page via the link.

This needs to be completed within a year of application so Hugh will be looking for help from club members to make sure this happens.

10 thoughts on “Tuesday 1st October – News from the AGM

  1. Yes, we are all very grateful to Mick and Julian for all their work for the Club. Thanks. And thanks to all the others who have helped with the club for many years. I hope we can continue as a successful and inclusive club. Happy running.

  2. Echo the sentiment about Mick and Julian, and congratulations Matt on your sweeping victory! ;o)
    Happy to help out where I can. Facial hair secretary?

  3. Thanks Mick and Julian 🙂
    Looking forward to Matt’s erudite missives.

    Ladies – for those who couldn’t make the AGM I stated in my grandiose tear splattered acceptance speech that: when I send out an email saying I would like all interested for a relay team(s), I mean I want at least 3 ladies to step up ASAP! There’s no ‘fast’ in team, girls! It’s just team – and a girlie day out 😉 We need to think national! And we don’t always have to prequalify like them men do, haha!

  4. I also echo those sentiments to Mick, Julian and others too.

    Congrats and thanks Mr Podd. May your reign be a successful one.

  5. Compliments as well to Hannah Mallinson for her new role of membership secretary , and also to John and Ian well done for their places in the Club , and to the new running leaders as well ,well done indeed.

  6. Yes massive thanks to mick and Julian – huge contribution to the club. Can’t wait for the presidents speech at the annual dinner matt – tough act to follow you better get practicing! Seriously you’ll be brilliant as el presidente I’m sure-congratulations

  7. Congratulations to Matt and those elected!
    Special thanks to Mick and Julian for all their hard-work and dedication.

  8. I’d also like to say a huge thank you to both Julian and Mick, who both made a huge difference and have encouraged and motivated many of us along the way. Congratulations to Mr Podd, who although having some pretty big shoes top fill, i’m sure with also do a great job.

  9. well done to you all, from the East coast, a great big thank you to our brilliant ex president Mick, who did a great job over the last three years, and with his expertise has brought the club forward, many thanks to Julian, who always gave of his best for “the Black and Whites”, thank you to all the past committe, who have done Otley ac proud,
    congratulations Matt, you will do the club proud, well done to all you new committee members , keep up the good work!
    see you all soon.

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