Sunday 13th October – Withins Skyline – Haworth

Sunday 13th October – Withins Skyline – Haworth

Report from Andrew Robertshaw:

A good turn out from Otley at the Woodentops first race of the winter season, the Withins Skyline.

This is a 7 mile race over the muddy moors above Haworth from the Penistone Country Park.

There was a top quality race at the sharp end with Ilkley’s GB international mountain runner, Tom Adams beating this year’s English Fell running champion, Simon Bailey and smashing the course record in the process with a time of 39.26.

Liam Dunne won the battle for Otley’s first finisher in 11th, 45.47 followed in by the hon. handicapper in 15th, 46.29. Sam Stell was next in for Otley, 23rd, 47.49.

& more …, 52nd Shane Ewen, 51.42, 86th Simon Toyne, 55.24, 125th Jim Sneath, 57.58, 141 Matt Broughton, 59.21, 199th Caron Ralph, 66.15, 214th John Cowan, 69.02,  257th & 258th, Laura Hind and Sean O’Halloran 88.10 & 89.06 respectively.

And Thanks for the support from the Sneath family and Mary Hampshire & children.

Full results on Woodentops here.

Sean O’Halloran writes: “Decided I would like to give a fell race ago and today was the Withins Skyline race. Other first timers were Laura and John, and deciding not to challenge for the win today Laura and I decided to use the race as a training run and took it steady.

Pic copwright Woodentops

“The race was approx seven-miles in length with around 980 feet of assent. Laura and I set off at the back leaving the other OAC members (and there were quite a few out) to fight for places before the pinch points.

“The first half of the race was predominately uphill through mud and bogs, some of them were rather deep in places and it was not long before we were covered in mud. We passed two dead sheep in the first half of the race, confirming that the going was tough.

“After about halfway the going underfoot for a little easier but still slippery in places producing some impressive sliding. All was going well until the next challenge, following a steep descent and across a stone bridge we were faced with a scramble/climb up the other side which took its toll on the legs and we were heading for home. The final mile and a bit was on an unmade road followed by a little stretch of moorland and soon the car park was in sight closely followed by the finish.

“I really enjoyed the experience, even if it was hard going at times, and will be doing another one soon. It was so nice to be doing a race and not worry about the pace I was going or the time I took to finish. My target was to complete the race without injury and if I did not come last it would be a bonus (think I was fourth from last). The last challenge of the day was to scrub off the caked on mud.”

13 thoughts on “Sunday 13th October – Withins Skyline – Haworth

  1. My first fell race and I loved it!!!! Tough going, lots of mud and plenty of hills, already looking for another. Great running to all the black and whites today especially Liam. Andrew and Sam for going sub 50 mins.

  2. Did you make the old workhorse sweat Liam? Well done to all the curly wurly eaters today and our fell running virgins-great photo on woodentops website

  3. Well done to all of you. We want details of a reported waist deep visit into a bog by one of our members! Good effort by all the Fell virgins.
    Must have been quite a ‘hot’ race at the front end.

  4. Well done for giving it a go John, Laura and Sean. Sounds like you had a great time and I love the photo of you. Congrats to Liam on beating Andrew.

  5. I did sweat momentarily Caron when Andy was about 30 yards behind, he suddenly found a much better line through the bog and galloped past me to get a bit of a lead, but fortunately the OWH didn’t have it in the legs on the day! Good to see so many OAC vests being donned around Penistone hill yesterday. Well done all.

  6. Gutted I missed this but what a great turn out by Otley!
    Maybe we could target some fell races through the winter? Ones with pub with open fire and good ale nearby? What do you think Fell Captain/Hon. Handicapper/Old Workhorse?

  7. Graham-FC/HH/OWH taking me round Wild Boar Fell race route tomorrow, might be one to look at, not sure about the ale/fire situation though, it’s in December but there’s always Shepherds Skyline in November and the other Woodentops runs in Haworth.

  8. Yes, the OWH didn’t make Liam sweat that much, I got lucky on route choice after getting annoyed with the rubbish climbers holding folk up on the single file paths.
    Really Wild Boar 14th Dec. is a top race, half European mountain race to the summit on a big track, then traditional British Fell type racing on open fell / direct route choice on the way back & yes the Presentation in the Fat Lamb, Ravenstonedale was very hospitable last year after the knee deep snow on the summit.

  9. Congratulation to my friend Tom Adams , for the fantastic winning at Penistone ,and beating as well the English fell race champion Simon Bailey, breaking the course record of Alistair Brownlee by 2 minutes , just a dream race from an international athlete that is as well a great guy, well done .

  10. Compliments to Sean , for his first fell race that he run like a wise veteran going steady like a training run together with Laura .Also Liam run fast in 45.47 really a impressive performance, well done indeed , so run strongly Andrew and Sam ,as well Caron and Matt had a really good day on the fell. And run with consistency this hard course also Shane with a good 51.42 ,also Simon with 55.24, his run was not bad at all. Jim and John also did a good race on this difficult terrain .

  11. Shepherds skyline then anyone? If u like mud and sliding down a hill on your backside then care to join me? And graham it finishes in a pub – what’s not to like?!

  12. In the Lakes that weekend Sarah 🙁
    Wild Boar sounds ace too. But wife’s birthday day before. We’ll see!

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