Saturday 19th October – John O Gaunt Challenge

Saturday 19th October – John O Gaunt Challenge

Report from The President, Matt Podd,

Just back from doing this LDWA 25Miler from Norwood, up the Washburn and back. Winner – Mike Vinegrad, Hull, 4hrs 23 mins, 2nd Matt Podd 4hrs 30 minutes!!!!!!! I may be a little pleased and big headed. First lady was Isaline Kneale, Bolton, in 4 hrs 45 mins.

Dave Tait won the 20 mile route.

Best Cakes and food I have ever seen on a race.

See you all when I get back from Wales.

Cheers Matt

10 thoughts on “Saturday 19th October – John O Gaunt Challenge

  1. Surely just a jog round the park after the Hardmoors? Nicely done. Have you got a gpx of the route?

  2. If you keep entering random races and your lucky, one day you will find one you shine in! What can I say after Ians glorious self deprecation.

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