Sunday 27th October – Harewood 10 & 5

Sunday 27th October – Harewood 10 & 5

Report from Howard Jeffrey

I usually have races pre-booked well in advance but this Sunday I had decided to enter the Harewood 10 on the day. The potential for the extra hour in bed with the clock change was disrupted by the rain lashing down all night. Unable to sleep so took the dog for a walk in the abating rain. When Jacque got up and opened the curtains, blue sky rising sun and all well with the world. I got my number and met Tom who was on the way to pick up his, sun still shining so polished up the shades ( they make you go faster!). Started to warm up and met Simon, who had been persuaded by Tom to do the 10 as he had come to do the 5. Something along the lines of if the old boys can do 10 so can you, I believe.

About 15 minutes before the start the wind that they were enjoying in the South suddenly sprang up and I guess was gusting up to 70mph! With it the sky blackened so my optimism for the shades waned and I left them in the car. The 10 and the 5 set off together and I found the course surprisingly dry for the first half underfoot considering the downfall overnight. The course is quite hilly all the way round and the latter half is mainly on ‘dirt’ track apart from the last mile on tarmac. For dirt track read slimy mud as the rain had started to pound down for the middle half of the race, so the conditions were pretty perfect for cross country running.

Steve Haywood for Otley had obviously not met Tom prior to the race as he did the 5 and finished 49th in 48.13. The results came with an apology as the lead runners had been mis-directed along the route of the 2 mile which was subtly different so the 20 lead runners ran 5.5 or so making the ‘winning’ time academic.

Simon had a great run and finished in 6th place (first o/40) in 66.02 the 10 being won (no mis-direction here) by Lee Dalton of Nidd Valley in 63.18

Your’s truly finished in 72nd place (4 minutes faster than last year despite the conditions). For some reason the vets categories are in 10 year bands so am giving 9 plus years to the freshly o/50’s but still managed 15/50

Tom 170 th in 89.51 and 5/17 in his category. 301 finished. Full results courtesy of Valley striders here

The wind and rain only lasted for the race and then it was fine

3 thoughts on “Sunday 27th October – Harewood 10 & 5

  1. I used to do the race and I know well that the last mile is tough . Never mind the vet category Howard ,you still running strongly in every competition and you are fine competitor in every race that you do, well done indeed. Compliments to Simon for the super performance in this demanding 10m race. Also Tom and Steve had a good day at Harewood .

  2. Well done Howard, 4 minutes faster on what must have been tougher conditions under foot than last year.

    Congrats to Simon and to Tom finishing 5th in category.

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