Thursday 31st October – Chevin Chiller

Thursday 31st October – Chevin Chiller

Report from Shane Ewen.ChevinChiller

A good turn out at the inaugural Chevin Chiller tonight. A 6.66k run of two laps in the dark. Plenty of fancy dress and high spirits. Good race up the top end; I managed to nick 3rd place from The Hunt & a Kirkstall Harrier with a good finish. I put this down to my warm up climbing East Chevin Road and a good head-torch (worth investing in the technology if you’re going to run the dark trails a lot). The Moonlighter runs probably helped a bit too. Everyone enjoyed themselves as far as I could tell & the marshals did a great job in the dark. Race won by Spider-Man who must have used his Spider Sense to pull ahead…

and one from Sean O’Halloran.

The first Chevin Chiller took place around a slightly extended RunSunday course on Halloween. The event was very well attended with over 200 people signing up to take part, in that number were a few faces from OAC.


Before the start i met up with Toni, Andy and Sarah. Toni was making her return from injury and it was great to see her back to running. We gathered around the start area chatting and trying to keep warm before we were summoned to the start line and following a few words we were off. As you can imagine the start was very congested and i decided to do some rapid overtaking to pass some of the costume wearing runners into some space that had opened up in front and up killer hill i went. Not long after the start and just after killer hill the heavens opened and soon i had to stop to remove my glasses, while stowing my glasses safely in my pocket i noticed Toni pass me and i followed on behind. We were bombing down the first of the down hill sections and someone just in front of me let out a girly scream as they tripped over one of the raised water diverting brick lines. Yep, it was Toni picking herself up, i stopped to make sure she was ok and not seriously hurt and we both set off again and decided to stick together. The course, unlike RunSunday, headed down to the bottom part of Danefield before heading back up to the middle section and on to killer hill to start lap two. The going was good to soft and rather muddy in places but very enjoyable and a good workout for the legs.

Toni and I took it steady around the course, Toni being cautious as just coming back from injury and I have the Guy Fawkes 10 on Sunday, but we were not going to be beaten by the pumpkin and made sure we kept in front On the final part of the second lap we came across two runners who were i guess finding the hills a little challenging and when we could we overtook them and headed for home. Finishing time was not important, the objective was to finish safely and to have fun in the process and well done to Toni for carrying on following you early fall

I think the race was won by Spiderman and the first home for OAC was Shane who came in third, nice one Shane. The race was very well organised and well marshalled and praise should go to Paul and Michelle for another great race. I hope this race will become an annual event as i think everyone had a great time.

The Spiderman winner was Andy Bedford, Saltaire Striders, 28:54, 3rd Shane Ewen, 30:15, 4th Andy Hunt, 30:20, 100th Sarah Jones 45;15, 158th & 159th Toni Midgley & Sean O’Halloran in 55:54 & 56:02 respectively.   Full results will be available on RunSunday.

3 thoughts on “Thursday 31st October – Chevin Chiller

  1. Well done all! Maybe one to keep in mind for next year! Now where’s that superwoman costume……

  2. Well done all, especially Toni. After speaking to you last night it sounds like it was a very heavy fall so you did well to continue, true Otley AC spirit!

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