Sunday 3rd November 2013 – Guy Fawkes 10-Mile

Sunday 3rd November 2013 – Guy Fawkes 10-Mile

Sean O’Halloran reports from the Guy Fawkes 10-Mile which saw Ian Fisher finish third.

Not being 100 per cent sure of what I was letting myself in for I agreed to take a friend’s number for Guy Fawkes 10 as he could no longer take part himself. The weather on the Saturday night did not fill me confidence and I was rather happy to see that the rain had stopped by Sunday morning leaving just the wind to contend with.

We arrived nice and early to do the usual pre-race prep and to meet up with the other OAC members and the event had a really good representation from OAC which was good to see.

We were escorted to the start line just outside Ripley Castle and we were off. The narrow path caused some congestion but after half a mile the pack of runners had spread out giving you chance to settle down to the task ahead. The first and last mile of the race is on an unmade road, for this section trail shoes would have been handy as the conditions underfoot were not ideal but the other eight miles was on the road.

The course is classed as hilly and they are not wrong, there were three really testing hills to tackle throughout the course varying in length and gradient but equally as tough. I addition to the hills were sections of flooded roads meaning could choose between wet feet or negotiating the muddy bank to the side.

The course, although challenging, was very enjoyable and very well marshalled and this is a race I shall be entering again next year. The goodie bag at the end consisted of five chocolate bars and a technical T-shirt and some leaflets (not sure what they were for).

All the OAC members put in great performances considering the weather and underfoot conditions were not ideal.  Well done to all the OAC members, the club was well and truly represented.


3rd Ian Fisher (57:14), 6th Scott Harrington (59:07), 46th Shane Ewan (1:07:27), 64th Richard Smith (1:09:04), 141st Howard Jeffrey (1:15:08), 238th Andy Webster (1:20:28), 362nd Colin Best (1:26:08), 401st John Cowan (1:27:51), 405th Sara Elliott (1:28:13), 416th Tom Hannah (1:28:59), 483rd Billy Rayner (1:31:59), 488th Jane Butler (1:32:15), 522nd Lisa Maughan (1:33:53), 526th Sara Richard (1:34:02), 577th Sarah Jones (1:36:39), 608th Emma Jones (1:38:42), 632nd Laura Hind (1:40:27), 647th Hannah Mallinson (1:41:05), 736th Sean O’Halloran (1:51:33).

Full results here.

10 thoughts on “Sunday 3rd November 2013 – Guy Fawkes 10-Mile

  1. What a great turn out of club members! Well done to all of you – some impressive times here on not a very nice weekend

  2. Completely agree with Sean that it was a great event once again. Really enjoyable despite being challenging and I think it’s going to be a permanent fixture on my race calendar. Was brill to have so many of us there.

  3. Ditto Sean and Hannah! Challenging but absolutely loved it. Really well organised, great goody bag and just great to have so many OAC members there.

  4. I take my hat off to all of you for racing in such windy weather – and achieving great times! Doesn’t sound like it was easy for you so congratulations on running and doing so well.

  5. 2 OtleyAC superstars in the top 6! Fantastic. Well done to all Black and Whites for a brill turnout – 8 ladies! – and supporting our Harrogate League partners in their races to boot.

  6. Huge performance by Ian Fisher , well run indeed. Years back I used to do this 10m race and I know that it is tough going and I am impressed by the results of all the club members who raced at Guy Fawkes,especially by Sara Elliot with a good 1.28 and Hannah as well had a good day, Howard was competitive.

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