Sunday 17th November – The Leeds Abbey Dash

Sunday 17th November – The Leeds Abbey Dash

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..well Sean beat you all to it here’s his report..

With near perfect conditions for running, OAC descending upon Leeds in great numbers today for the Age UK Abbey Dash 10K. With so many runners taking part it was difficult to find the fellow OAC members before the race but I managed to find a few.
Runners were placed into pens according to there self predicted finish time and these pens were set off in waves to prevent crowding at the start. Watching the faster pens head off to the start it was soon my turn, slowly making our way to the start line and following a count down we were off. The race goes up to Kirkstall Abbey and back again. The route was flat and lined with cheering spectators and with perfect running conditions a PB for all OAC members was possible. Keeping a relatively fast pace (for me), the race went really quick and it’s was not long before i was turning around at the Abbey and heading for home. The final 5k was slightly down hill and I knew a good time was coming up. Just after the 9k mark we had to go up over the motorway so a bit of a hill but directly after that the finish was in sight. I managed to crossed the line in 58:35 which was a PB by about 90 seconds. Well chuffed.

Post race chats, texts and Facebook updates indicate a lot of OAC members achieved a PB today which is fantastic (way too many to mention and I would hate to miss someone off the list) a very well done to all. It was great to learn that some of OAC beginners group also took part today and also put in great performances. Susan Kirby put in an excellent performance to get round in 60 mins and 1 sec, well done Susan and great running and next time it will be sub 60 mins I’m sure.

Well done to all the Black and Whites today, great turnout, great running and a great club.

Read the report in the Wharfedale Observer here.


Results: 1st Matt Hynes  NorthYork Moors, 29:23. Louise Damen Winchester 33:04.

Otley AC’ers  72nd Matt John 31:48,   196th Liam Dunne 34:01 (PB), 200th Jon Greenwell, 34:04, 252th (10th Lady) Racheal Bamford 34:46 (PB),  270th Zack Whitehead 34:57,  392nd Graham Lake 36:15 (PB), 413th Simon Anderson 36:27,  506th Richard Smith 37:19 (PB),  1187th Julian Mawson 41:52,  2019th Andy Webster 45:06,  2647th John Cowan 47:06,  2962nd Mary Hampshire 48:05,  2940th Tom Hannah 48:01,  3181st Billy Rayner 48:45,  3122nd Sara Elliott 48:34 (PB),  4467th Charlotte Tomlinson 52:12 (PB),  5147th Laura Hind 53:59,  5256th Gemma Harrington 54:15 (PB),  5257th Reid Haddow 54:15, 6221st Christian Hosker 57:08, 6140th Sean O’Halloran 58:36 (PB),  7087th Susan Kirby 1:00:01,  8911st Dominic Egan 1:11:52

11 thoughts on “Sunday 17th November – The Leeds Abbey Dash

  1. Well done all of you – some tasty times here, but quite something to think that 195 people were faster than Liam.

    It was very quiet up Wernside, on the alternative club run.

  2. Well done indeed to everyone. I have submitted a report as usual ! You have missed Susan Kirby (OAC beginners group) who put in an excellent performance to get round in 60 mins and 1 sec (it was in my report).

  3. Brilliant running everybody, fantastic to see so many PBs from Otley. I should have joined you but unfortunately still recovering from my shoulder operation – hope to be back soon!

  4. Well done everyone!!! Good to see so many PBs, feeling jealous as I should be on the list haha. Hopefully back on Tuesday so I will aim for next year

  5. Only just seen this, thanks for the mention Sean! I’m still a bit upset that I didn’t wear my watch and therefore would’ve pushed myself to lose 2 seconds off my time… 1 hour 1 second grrr…

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