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Saturday 16th November – Park Runs

Lister Park Bradford  – 1st Jon Holah P&B 17:58,  Reid Haddow finished 110th with time of 26:22.

Crystal Palace London – 1st Graham Knight 18:25, Matt Broughton finished 12th with a time of 20:40.


Sunday 10th November – Run Sunday

The first truly frosty morning saw a beautiful sunrise and, I daresay, a few of the 27 runners scraping ice of their windscreens this morning before they arrived at a chilly, but glorious, Chevin for Run Sunday.

Thanks first to our marshals who were Andy Brown (with Hannah and Emmy),David Ellis, Janice Slater (with Dexter), Michelle Smith and Pam Byrom.  Petra Bijsterveld was our tail runner and Jackie Ellis presented her delicious Munch to us again.  Thank you all for donning the thermals!

First home today finishing our muddy, waterlogged course in a time of 20:25 was Simon Edgar adding to his tally of wins.  Next in a not too shabby 20:37 was stalwart supporter Tom Potter and regular Andrew Price chased them both in and finished in 21:20.

First lady today taking 30 seconds off her best time was Emma Payne was crossed the line at 27:57, followed by Karen Thrippleton in 28:29 and Clare Boyle with 30:12.  I should also mention our two juniors Max Oerend and Lewis Boyle who finished ahead of their mums in 28:34 and 29:13 respectively and Nelson Charlton who helped his Dad, Neil around one lap today in preparation for a glorious return.  Well done everybody!

In the canine run today our winner was Dylan who, with Emma Payne, finished in 27:57 and our dog marshal was Dexter with Janice Slater.

It’s great to see so many people making this a family trip out on a Sunday morning and Michelle and I thank you for your support for Run Sunday.

I hope whatever you’re doing this week, it turns out well and we look forward to seeing you all on a Run Sunday soon. All the best and Good Running

Paul Shack

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Saturday 9th November – Burley Festival Moor Run

Breaking news, Liam Dunne overcame atrocious weather to win the Burley Moor Festival Run in 48:02, while Andrew Robertshaw was third (50:50).

Read the report in the Wharfedale Observer here.

18 Richard Smith (56:08), 23 John Armitstead (57:44), 39 Steven Robinson (60:11), 49 Andy Webster (61.46), 58 Matt Podd (64:16), 71 Caron Ralph (66:42), 93 Lisa Maughan (71:30), 97 Sara Elliot (72:55), 102 Liz Fawcett (73:24), 103 Sara Richard (73:24), 129 Julie Dorling (78:40), 140 Charlotte Tomlinson (88:54),141 Gemma Harrington (88:54), Sarah Jones (88:54) and  Sean O’Halloran 90.25 . Full results here.

Report from Sean O’Halloran:

The weather was bloody awful on Saturday morning and it took great will power to get ready and get out of the door (I expect others felt the same). Upon arriving everyone was taking shelter from the elements in the pavilion until the last minute when we were called to the start; there was a great turnout of OAC members.

The race started and finished in the playing field and followed the same route as last year (for those who can remember). The course was an off road 11k with a main assent of 800ft and a total elevation gain of 1227.4ft (according to my Garmin).

The first mile was a gradual uphill section leading us to the fool of the moor. Once across the road we were faced with the steep climb and the higher we went the worse the weather became and at one point in we encountered snow!

Once on top of the moor the weather conditions remained constant (strong freezing wind and rain/snow) and the course followed an undulating loop before returning back down the path we went up and on to the finish. The conditions underfoot were very challenging at times and consisted of road, track, mud (deep in places) and rivers/streams.

My plan for the race was to not get injured and try and keep OAC member in my sights. For the first half of the race Sarah Jones and I exchanged places until the flat/downhill track road at about halfway where she pulled away and caught up with Charlotte Tomlinson and Gemma Harrington. I managed to keep sight of Sarah, Charlotte and Gemma and knew I had a good chance to catch them on the steeper downhill sections.

My plan worked and I managed to catch and pass them before leaving the moor. I negotiated the very muddy tracks (although I did slip over a few times, but remained unhurt) and made it down off the moor safe. I was finally onto the road and it was onto the finish, so I thought. I was pushing on down the road expecting to see the finish when realised I had missed the path off to the right, it was 100m back. I turned back and could see Sarah, Charlotte and Gemma taking the path I missed. Once on the right path it was down the track and across the playing field to the finish.

The event was well organised and the route was well marshalled (apart from the final path to the finish). Combining all the factors (nature of the course, elevation, weather and underfoot conditions) this was a tough race but very enjoyable and one I shall so again. Well done to all the OAC members.


Saturday 9th November – Parkrun results


Results for Bradford parkrun, event number 181, 09/11/2013.
342 participants completed the run today. The first male to finish was Andrew SIDDLE (M) (Doncaster AC) in a time of 00:17:49. The first lady completing the course was Clare PEARSON (F) (Wharfedale Harriers) in a time of 00:19:57. You can find the full parkrun results for this event here:
The following club members participated:
133 Reid Anthony James HADDOW 00:26:16
Results for Harrogate parkrun, event number 96, 09/11/2013.
329 participants completed the run today. The first male to finish was Joe SYMONDS (M) in a time of 00:16:51. The first lady completing the course was Hannah CORNE (F) in a time of 00:20:38. You can find the full parkrun results for this event here:
The following club members participated:
45 Christian HOSKER 00:21:34
Results for Leeds parkrun, event number 319, 09/11/2013.
433 participants completed the run today. The first male to finish was Tom EAMES (M) (West Suffolk AC) in a time of 00:16:43. The first lady completing the course was Shamiso SISIMAYI (F) (Kirkstall Harriers) in a time of 00:20:41. You can find the full parkrun results for this event here:
Well done to our Junior for completing her first parkrun!
374 Milly FINK 00:31:56



Thursday 7th November – Updated Runner of the Year and Annual Ranking lists

Thanks to Kath Robertshaw for the updated Club Rankings and Club Runner of the Year tables.

The Guy Fawkes 10 has been counted as a road race as the vast majority of the race is on road.

Don’t forget you have to submit any results and times for inclusion on the website for those details to be included in the ROY table.

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Sunday 3rd November 2013 – Guy Fawkes 10-Mile

Sean O’Halloran reports from the Guy Fawkes 10-Mile which saw Ian Fisher finish third.

Not being 100 per cent sure of what I was letting myself in for I agreed to take a friend’s number for Guy Fawkes 10 as he could no longer take part himself. The weather on the Saturday night did not fill me confidence and I was rather happy to see that the rain had stopped by Sunday morning leaving just the wind to contend with.

We arrived nice and early to do the usual pre-race prep and to meet up with the other OAC members and the event had a really good representation from OAC which was good to see.

We were escorted to the start line just outside Ripley Castle and we were off. The narrow path caused some congestion but after half a mile the pack of runners had spread out giving you chance to settle down to the task ahead. The first and last mile of the race is on an unmade road, for this section trail shoes would have been handy as the conditions underfoot were not ideal but the other eight miles was on the road.

The course is classed as hilly and they are not wrong, there were three really testing hills to tackle throughout the course varying in length and gradient but equally as tough. I addition to the hills were sections of flooded roads meaning could choose between wet feet or negotiating the muddy bank to the side.

The course, although challenging, was very enjoyable and very well marshalled and this is a race I shall be entering again next year. The goodie bag at the end consisted of five chocolate bars and a technical T-shirt and some leaflets (not sure what they were for).

All the OAC members put in great performances considering the weather and underfoot conditions were not ideal.  Well done to all the OAC members, the club was well and truly represented.


3rd Ian Fisher (57:14), 6th Scott Harrington (59:07), 46th Shane Ewan (1:07:27), 64th Richard Smith (1:09:04), 141st Howard Jeffrey (1:15:08), 238th Andy Webster (1:20:28), 362nd Colin Best (1:26:08), 401st John Cowan (1:27:51), 405th Sara Elliott (1:28:13), 416th Tom Hannah (1:28:59), 483rd Billy Rayner (1:31:59), 488th Jane Butler (1:32:15), 522nd Lisa Maughan (1:33:53), 526th Sara Richard (1:34:02), 577th Sarah Jones (1:36:39), 608th Emma Jones (1:38:42), 632nd Laura Hind (1:40:27), 647th Hannah Mallinson (1:41:05), 736th Sean O’Halloran (1:51:33).

Full results here.


Sunday 3rd November – the 54th Derwentwater 10

David Hainsworth took part in the Derwentwater finishing it in 89:27.

He said: “If you tire of the Guy Fawkes 10 this is a very scenic alternative in the Lakes and only persistently undulating rather that full on hilly.

“My usual (or was it the previous night’s Snecklifter) steady start left me struggling with nine minute miles but a short sharp shower as we approached Grange livened me up a bit and then the sight of Andy Wolfenden, of Ilkley Harriers, in the distance as I rounded the last corner on Cat Bells gave me a target; I caught him just after nine miles and we both ducked in under 90 minutes.

The winner was Ricky Lightfoot (Ellensborough) in 53:29 and the first lady was Hannah Horsburgh in 67:05. Full result on this page.

On an earlier trip to the Lakes, David Hainsworth also saw an article on the Wastwater Triathalon: Swim across Wastwater, bike route includes Hardknott and Wrynose passes and the running leg visits the top of Scafell Pike.

“Sound a bit of a beast”, said David. Is he going to be doing it or not?


Sunday 3rd November – Ullswater Trail 14km Race

Graham Lake reports: A friend of mine suggested we do this season finale to the Lakeland Trails series of races. It’s an interesting race as you start off on the Ullswater steamer which drops you at Howtown and you then run back along the undulating coast of Ullswater to Glenridding.

Obviously there’s limited space on each boat, so there were four sailings with 128 in each boat, essentially four different races.

We were booked on the 11 o’clock one, which is 14km race. The weather the previous day had been horrific, so I was glad to see a bit of sun and only the odd squall of sleet as we headed out.

The race started pretty quickly once off the boat, and everyone headed out up a steepish hill before turning back towards the lake.

I was in second place after the hill, and, though not feeling 100 per cent thought I’d kick on and get in the lead down a long descent.

The path along the coast was pretty rocky and slippy; and there were three mountain rescue call-outs during the race for runners who’d injured themselves. I managed to twist my ankle, then a little further on go flying on a descent, scraping my side along some rather sharp geology.

Man-made paths are often worse than open fell, so I took it easy from then on.

I’d checked the map and profile out beforehand and thought we dropped low to the lake, so when I was still high up nearing Glenridding I panicked and thought I’d gone wrong. I stopped and waited to see if anyone appeared on the lower path, but spotted someone on my high path a few hundred yards behind, so cracked on, hoping for a sign (you know, like an arrow).

A set of arrows eventually pointed my down to the valley bottom, and a nice flat run into the finish. Finally daring to look behind me I realised I had a decent lead, so could enjoy the final lap of the field and the high-fives from the waiting family (although they didn’t realise I’d won, as the earlier race were still finishing which confused matters). I finished in 1:04:23 about a minute ahead of second place.

This show me with seventh fastest time of the day if you look at the other boats, so chuffed with that. A very enjoyable run, in a stunning location. A good entry race into the world of trail running with very friendly competitors and marshals.

Full details are here.



Sunday 3rd November – Run Sunday

Otley AC ladies were out in force for the latest RunSunday with Angela (Pange) Srivastava finishing 13th, and third lady, in 25:47.

Justina Stringer was 21st (28:44) and Beth O’Neil 22nd (29:33).

The winner was Patrick Cotton (19:15) and the first lady was Lora Hughes (24:28).

Full results here.


Saturday 2nd November – West Yorkshire Cross Country League @ Bramley

Only two members of the Black & Whites made the arduous trip to Bramley for the second round of the West Yorkshire Cross Country League.

Leon Ricketts was 86th in 40:39 while Antonio Cardinale was 145th in 1:12:01. The winner was the Victorian mill owner Joshua Woodcock-Shaw (Spenborough) in 33:17.

Full results here.

Stop press: The new club mascot (we never had an old one), Flash, made his first appearance at Bramley, although he was a non-runner.