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Tuesday 31st December – Barcelona San Silvestre 10k

Sarah Jones took part in the Barcelona San Silvestre 10K completing the course in 54:04. The winner was Samir Ait Booychamane in 29:47.

She said: “Starting at 5.30pm on the waterfront the route takes you along wide city streets lined with a vast number of spectators cheering and shouting encouragement (I think!!!). While the course is totally fla it’s not a PB race due to the sheer amount of participants; around 10,000 people take part and you need to constantly dodge fellow runners.

“There are also a number of sharp bends which creates a few pinch points along the route which means it’s hard to get into a rhythm. The music, lighting and party atmosphere, however, is more than enough to compensate to make it a worthwhile race.

“The winning time was 29:47, and while I did okay at 54:04 my excuse for not breaking 54 mins is that it was too warm; although the locals were all wearing snoots, coats and hats!

“A couple of tips: the website for entry does not open until the beginning of December and fills up quickly so worth monitoring closely if you have your travel booked; and the organisers are very strict on the time pens, so do ensure you enter a time or you will be starting at the back.”


Tuesday 31st December – Auld Lang Syne

A report from Matt (Santa) Broughton:

On New Years Eve A number of Otley runners competed in the ever  popular Auld Lang Syne Fell Race. I spotted 8 Otley runners, but there could have been more as many runners were in fancy dress.  The race covers just just over 6 miles of undulating field track and moor land with a couple of water crossings thrown in for good measure.  The recent rain had left conditions very wet and muddy which added to the fun. All in all a pretty challenging race. My Santa costume, which seemed like a bargain, and a good idea at the time, soon became a bit of a burden as once wet and muddy I had to hold up my very generously  fitting Santa trousers. I’d obviously not eaten enough mince pies.

The race was won by Tom Addison of Helm Hill in a time of 42:09. For  Otley Liam (in a wig) 22nd 48:05 (taking it steady before his Irish cross country in the coming days)  Shane Ewen (Mr Strong having a great run especially considering his costume) 107th 56:10.  Leon Ricketts 124th 56:53. Ross Armstrong (a very quick banana) 190th 61:05.  Matt Broughton (Soggy Santa) 262nd  66:16.  Caron Ralph 67:35.  Colin Best 69:54. Angela Srivastava 99:01.

Full results, report and photos at and especially for Ian a fell race video here.

Happy New Year.

Another report from Caron.

Some dodgy Irish geezer, a banana, Santa Claus, a tiger and Mr Strong among others from Otley AC were this years contenders at Auld Lang Syne Fell Race ( 9.6k/300m). At 11.30 the bagpipes (yes really) started and off we went in a mad dash to get out of the quarry onto the track. After a brief sprint on the road we turned onto paved/gravelled track and followed it up before we turned into a muddy field with a very dodgy descent towards the first stream crossing (the 2nd being same stream but on the way back) through the water and up the other side which consisted of running 2 steps up and 1 down on your knees, then onto a track that took you around the shack and up to the summit where you looped back onto the outward track and back to the stream crossing which was now a quagmire! How the man in the orange Morph suit and the space hopper got up the hill is beyond me. I briefly saw Alistair Brownlee bopping up the track obviously just out for a training run and to see the fancy dress nutters! This course is very deceiving as there is a lot of fast running on muddy/wet tracks and a couple of hard slippery climbs and decents-I heard many a shout of ‘watch out, I can’t stop!’ around me, but everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and I think our Banana man yes you Ross Armstrong) did split!

The winner was Tom Addison of Helm Hill in 42.09 and first lady back was Holly Page of Calder Valley in 50.41. Liam Dunne was our first runner back in 48.05 and 22nd, not sure if Gemma Ricketts is still a member [second claim] but she had a great run finishing 1 minute or so behind her husband Leon.  Good fun and always a good laugh to see some of the hilarious costumes (especially the cross-dressing ones), will be back for this race again next year


Sunday 29th December – Jolly Holly Jog


Results: 1st Jack Simpson, Leeds City 33:29, 1st Lady was Caroline Lambert,  Wetherby 39:26.

and for Otley AC, 3rd Scott Harrington 35:49,  105th Andy Ackroyd 47:23,  180th Jackie Ackroyd 50:35,  182nd David Fox 50:37,  223rd Sara Elliott 52:15,  368th Hannah Mallinson 58:15,  376th Charlotte Tomlinson 58:38,  377th Sarah Jones 58:48,  389th Gemma Harrington 59:33,  430th Ann Yeadon 1:01:06,  493rd Sean O’Halloran 1:05:32 and 532nd Gloria Jackson 1:08:40.

See full results here

Report from Sean O Halloran: On a chilly but sunny winters day 10 OAC members decided to descend upon Ripon for the 26th Jolly Holly Jog – a one-lap, scenic, multi-terrain undulating course of approximately 10k that is run mainly on footpaths through the magnificent Studley Royal deer park.

Having met up in the rugby club to get our race numbers and timing chips for our shoes we made our way to the start/finish area, which was about 15-20 walk away, and waited for the start. Following the usual pre-race announcements by the organisers we were counted down and set on our way. Following the congested start, the field soon dispersed which allowed runners to get into their stride.

The under foot conditions were very muddy at times which made it heavy going and coupled with some impressive inclines this was a tough 10k race and not one to set any records.

Although being a tough race it was very enjoyable one. Post race conversations with fellow OAC members gave the impression that they also enjoyed this race. The Jolly Holly Jog will be a race to add to next years list.

The OAC result of the day goes to Scott who managed to finish third over all and the first local club runner resulting in beer tokens for the third place and a shield for the first local club runner.

This was a great race to end 2013 and well done to all the OAC members for this race and for the year 2013. Otley AC is a great club and one I’m proud to represent. Thank you for welcoming me and many other new runners this year. Already looking forward to 2014.

Happy New Year to all OAC members.

Report from Hannah Mallinson:

Another good turnout for Otley AC at the Jolly Holly Jog today. I think I must have misread the race info when I entered this as I was sure it was a gentle undulating run that would be a nice run out after the Chevin Chase and a lazy Christmas. Tom Hannah burst my bubble a few weeks ago when he informed me it was hilly and if I’m honest I wasn’t really looking forward to another tough race.

However, I thoroughly enjoyed this tough, muddy, hilly race. Lots of different terrain, most of it very muddy and even in off road shoes hard to get grip . The start was very crowded and some of my fellow Otley AC runners, donning tutus and wings, got a clearer start as Ann and I took it steady (and had a chat). I seemed to get into a steady pace quite quick today and soon I could see Gemma and Sarah so used one of Sean’s tactics to hunt them down, I was quite surprised to catch them both and fully expected that they would catch me later on so got my head down and kept going for the time being up the long steady climb.

Soon we were off the road and fighting up a muddy hill, really tough as you had to work twice as hard to not get very far, then through a wooded area and onto yet another muddy, hilly field. I hear some people saw deer in one of the fields but I must have been concentrating on the floor at this point as I missed them. I did however enjoy the sight of the bridge at Studley Park, a little wooden bridge over a small waterfall, a lovely sight to lift my spirits before another long slog up a hill, I was flagging a bit at this point and was convinced Sean was somewhere in front but couldn’t see him anywhere. The hill was a killer and it was great to see people who were obviously more seasoned runners than myself struggling, this helped me dig deep and keep going, to be rewarded by water at the top and the lovely surprise of Jack Robertshaw helping out followed by Kath a little further on. Did she know she was running in the wrong direction?!

Through Studley Park there were some downhill sections to help with recovery from the hills, my little legs were tired and I just wanted to get back as my hip was hurting, yet again. I still couldn’t see Sean and was annoyed with myself for letting him get away at the start and there was no way I was going to catch him so I decided to just relax and chill out so that I could finish the run. This is obviously the secret to running well as I picked up speed and put in my fastest splits. Soon the end was in sight and I could see Scott on the side lines, obviously having finished some time earlier and having had a cup of tea and a bacon sandwich before deciding to cheer on us slow coaches. It was a welcome sight and I ran as quick as I could to the finish line.

I was really pleased to have finished the race and really pleased with my time of around 58 minutes, is it just me that thinks this is as tough as Chevin Chase? And where was Sean, apparently I had passed him early on which was why I couldn’t see him to catch him up……….

We were all really pleased with our times and enjoyed ourselves so I’m sure we will all be there again next year, well maybe not all – hope you’ve recovered from your first off road race Ann, you’ll get used to them and learn to love them, I promise!


Sunday 29th December – Ribble Valley 10K

Report from Tom Potter:

I raced the the Ribble Valley 10K road race in Clitheroe, Lancashire this morning. I ran this race last year with Richard Smith and I remember the weather was shockingly bad on that day. Thankfully todays weather was much more acceptable and assisted me to run better than last year.
The race could be described as ‘not everyones cup of tea’, undulating on rural roads, but I love this type of race!

A huge number of runners (1,200) toed the start line ready to hammer the roads, many of which were no doubt looking to burn a few Christmas calories. The race was won in an incredible time of 29:12 by Liverpool Harrier, Jonny Mellor (the course record holder and winner of the 2011 race beating Alistair Brownlee on that day). Sadly Mr Mellor was two seconds off beating his own course record this year. Don’t quote me on this but I believe his time today places him top of the National rankings for 10K this year.

Also running for OAC was Matt John who finished 40th in 32:23 – This shows just how strong todays field really was!! Mark Hall finished in 34:35 & I finished in 39:49. I was pleased considering I gave it my all at the Chevin Chase this week and was still feeling a little tired.

Full results can be found here and YouTube video here.   The black & white vest of Matt can be seen at the start.


Saturday 28th December – Park Runs


237 participants completed the run today. The first male to finish
was Daniel Tobias ROBINSON (M) (Birmingham Running Athletics and
Triathlon Club) in a time of 00:16:28. The first lady completing the
course was Jane EVANS (F) in a time of 00:17:47. You can find the full
parkrun results for this event here:

The following club members participated:

44 Richard A CLARKE 00:21:23

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Thursday 26th December – The Chevin Chase

A gem of a day weather wise made for some fast results with Liam Dunne finishing 11th, Tom Midgley 27th and Graham Lake 31st – which means Otley won the team prize (if there was one).

The winner was someone from Bingley Harriers called Jonny Brownlee in 39:02 and the first lady in 37th overall was Wetherby runner Pauline Munro in 45:35.

Report from Graham Lake:

A perfect, crisp winter’s day for the 2013 Chevin Chase. I knew the start would be a bit of a stampede, so got myself near to the front and set off up Carlton Lane in Jonny Brownlee’s footsteps. Liam and Tom went off ahead, and I settled into a rhythm to make it up the bridleway to the top of the Chevin.

Running with lots of the usual faces (and backs) was great as we sped down into Danefield. I managed to overtake a few more cautious runners on the two descents but I soon got into a good tussle with the first lady (no, not Michelle Obama, Pauline Munro of Wetherby).

She managed to pull away on the steep climb up to surprise view, but the support from some strategically placed Otley AC-ers and hundreds more on the flagstone section gave me a boost and I felt good coming into the road-section. I could see Tom ahead, but he was too far off to try and catch, and I knew he’d be too good on the roads. I did manage to catch Pauline though and pulled away downhill to take a couple more before the finish.

Great banter at the end, and a nice green long sleeve t-shirt and it was off to a freind’s house to help eat up their turkey and cheesecake. Probably my favourite race of the year (I think I’ve said this a few times though!).

p.s. nice pic of me and Jonny here, plus Paul and his horsey friend in the T&A report here. Spot the OtleyACs in the video!

Full Otley AC results (all chip times): 11th Liam Dunne in 42:22, 27 Tom Midgley (44:48), 31 Graham Lake (45:17),  38 Andrew Robertshaw (45:57), 51 Richard Smith (47:00).

107th Tom Potter (49:47 and a race PB), 113 Rogan Ashton (50:05), 141 Andy Hunt (51:06), 145 Renee Saxton (51:08), 177 Laura Martin (52:42), 181 Matt Broughton (52:57), 210 Jim Sneath (53:40).

217th Steven Robinson (53:47), 233 Andrew Webster (54:55), 318 Karen Potter (57:57), 360 Caron Ralph (59:06), 415th Bob Addey 1:00:52, 415th Mary Hampshire (1:00:50), 431st Louise Riches (1:00:31), 481 Sarah Smith (1:02:39), 534 Hugh Pearson (1:03:58), 552 Colin Best (1:05:03).

564th Nicola Lee (1:04:56), 569 Nikki Scott (1:05:41), 505 Roger Davis (1:05:19), 639 Tom Hannah (1:07:53), 644 Sara Richard (1:08:15), 655 Julie Dorling (1:08:40), 684 Sara Elliott (1:09:13).

685th Charlotte Tomlinson (1:09:14), 686 Caroline Marler (1:09:44), 703 Sarah Drake (1:10:06), 705 Paul Clifford (1:09:35), 718 Emma Jones (1:10:43), 744 Hannah Mallinson (1:12:09).

834th Justina Stringer (1:16:18), 855 Toni Midgley (1:17:38) and 902 Gloria Jackson (1:21:27).

There were 962 finishers and there were also a couple of Absolute Beginners there; 860th Georgina Sneath (1:17:57) and 864 Beth O’neil (1:18:24).

Please email the club if anyone has been missed.

And there are some photos here, and full results here.


Sunday 22nd December – Ken Dixon Christmas Handicap – Swinsty

The 25th edition of our traditional ‘Ken Dixon’ Christmas handicap saw a thrilling finish with just 3 seconds separating Kath, Andy Webster and Paul Clifford in the podium positions.

Finishing first Kath became the third person to be a double winner in repeating her victory from 1997.  The others being another former president, Phil Dean (1990 & 91) and Terry Flynn (98 & 2003).

The battle for the overall handicap champion for this year was almost in the hands of Ursula barring, illness, injury or a VERY severe handicap & I couldn’t really do that!  Dominic gave it his all to gain as many points as possible, but Ursula’s 18 point advantage was too big a margin to catch, although it was reduced to a 12 points.

The chase for the bronze was between President Matt Podd & Caron Ralph, with Caron prevailing after finishing 4th on the day.

See the final table for the 2013 Eric Smith Handicap Table here.

For those who are asking who is Ken Dixon?,   You have got Ken to thank coming up with this route for a Christmas handicap. He emigrated to Zimbabwe to take a teaching job a few year’s after the inaugural race and has been there ever since.

And Eric Smith, was one of the founder members of Otley AC, who had a marathon best in the 50’s of 2:25 and won several national veteran titles as an Otley AC member, and some national records too, including the former British V70 record of 68 min 10 mile, see his remarkable times on our club records page.

….and thanks to Tom, Jack & Scott for course marking and recording, roll on 2014,  whose going for it next year?.

Pos Name Time H’Cap Net Time Timble Loop Swinsty Points
1 Kath Robertshaw 52:10 00:00 52:10 21:43 30:27 29
2 Andy Webster 52:12 14:00 38:12 15:43 22:29 28
3 Paul Clifford 52:13 15:00 37:13 15:20 21:43 27
4 Caron Ralph 52:33 12:00 40:33 16:41 23:52 26
5 Andy Ackroyd 52:49 14:00 38:49 16:23 22:26 25
6 Nikki Scott 53:15 12:00 41:15 17:05 24:10 24
7 Jackie Ackroyd 53:20 11:00 42:20 17:32 24:48 23
8 Carl Walsh 53:29 13:00 40:29 16:41 23:48 22
9 John Armitstead 53:32 17:00 36:32 15:33 20:59 21
10 Dominic Egan 53:34 12:00 41:34 16:49 24:45 20
11 Matt Podd 53:50 14:00 39:50 16:22 23:28 19
12 Ursula McGouran 53:51 13:00 40:51 16:36 24:15 18
13 Andrew Robertshaw 53:54 21:00 32:54 13:22 19:32 17
14 Gemma Harrington 53:56 07:00 46:56 19:20 27:36 16
15 David Hainsworth 54:20 08:00 46:20 19:27 26:53 15
16 Chris Wordsworth 54:21 08:00 46:21 19:09 27:12 14
17 Colin Best 54:21 12:00 42:21 17:39 24:42 13
18 David Fox 54:26 13:00 41:26 16:43 24:43 12
19 Antonio Cardinale 54:40 00:00 54:40 22:49 31:51 11
20 Christian Hosker 55:18 18:00 37:18 15:45 21:33 10
21 Phil Robinson 55:20 11:00 45:20 18:16 27:04 9
22 Neil Reed 55:29 14:00 41:29 17:21 24:08 8
23 Nick Hodgkinson 55:45 08:00 47:45 19:47 27:58 7
24 Anne Pickles 55:53 12:00 43:53 17:45 26:08 6
25 Laura Hind 56:01 07:00 49:01 20:32 28:29 5
26 Tom Hannah 56:11 11:00 45:11 18:40 26:31 4
27 Michael Pickard 56:29 15:00 41:29 16:23 25:06 3
28 John Cowan 59:20 14:00 45:20 18:33 26:47 2
29 Rogan Ashton 59:20 20:00 39:20: 14:40 24:40 1


Sunday 22nd December – Run Sunday

1st home this week was P&B’s Boff Whalley in a V50 record of 20:07, first lady & 8th overall was Louise Riches in 23:09, other Otley runners were 3rd lady Sara Elliott 23:56, Charlotte Tomlinson, 26:34 & Anne Yeadon 29:13.  To read Paul Shack’s race report… Read the rest of this entry »


Sunday 22nd December – The Stoop Fell Race – Haworth

The senior results from Penistone Hill Country Park.

1st Tom Adams, Ilkley 30:51, 17th Liam Dunne 35:48, 48th Graham Lake 38:36,  56th Shane Ewen 39:03,  153rd & 3rd LV40 Laura Martin  44:14, 395th Sean O’Halloran 1:11:18.

Graham Lake reports:

400 hardy adults and hundreds of shivering juniors met on a bitterly cold moor near Haworth for the Stoop fell race. My daughter Isla plus Jim, Laura and Sarah F’s offspring were battling the quarry runs early doors, then scampering back to cars and campervans to escape the bitter wind.

The senior race starts in the quarry and there’s a mad dash to make it to the track up the moor. There were a few poor runners who tripped and were at the mercy of the following hoards, but all got up and continued. The run itself is an out and back route up to the Stoop, and can be summed up by three letters: B O and G. Quite a few fallers on the descent and I got passed by Santa and his sack, and a very large and fast fully wrapped present but all good fun. Personally I didn’t feel great, but I’m putting that down to too much Christmas cheer (booze). Liam was well up, and Shane not far behind me, with Laura doing well not far back and Sean obviously now getting a taste for the fells.

All in all a good old Pennine fell race.

and Sean O’Halloran too:

The Stoop is a BS fell race which is 5 miles long with 800 feet of assent from Penistone Hill Country Park, Howarth.

Arrived nice and early to get a good parking spot and was confronted with a strong arctic wind and threatening rain clouds. I completed my race entry, picking up my number, Curlywurly and a Santa hat, which had to be worn during the race.

I was pleased to see some other OAC folk just before or at the start line but soon lost sight of them once the race started. The race route was like an out and back with a loop in the middle (a bit like a frying pan). Conditions under foot were challenging at times, deep mud, deep water filled holes, streams and bogs, but that’s the attraction of the races and adds to the challenge.

I ran with a nice friendly group of runners, some who had traveled up from Doncaster for their first WoodenTops fell race. The threatening rain held off but the first half of the race, which was uphill, was into the strong arctic head wind. Once at the half way point I knew it was time for some down hill fun, and fun it was. The decent contained slippery mud banks, streams and deep bogs. I was doing great and keeping up with the other runners until I went knee deep into a bog and got stuck. Thinking that international rescue and a crane may be needed to get me out, I was helped out by one of the Doncaster runners and onto the finish we went. Soon we were back to the main road and had one more hill to tackle before the finish. Words of encouragement from Shane spurred me on and I made sure no one over took me.

This race has confirmed that off-road running is for me and something that I really enjoy, especially when in beautiful countryside. I managed to complete the race in one piece, injury free and not last. Well done to all the OAC members who tackled this race.

Full results & photos on Woodentops here.


Saturday 21st December – Tour de Helvellyn

photoReport from Sarah Fuller:  of the Tour de Helvellyn

It would have been rude to finish the year without another little adventure so off I went to have another trot round the Lake District, this time for the 38 mile tour de helvellyn. Fast becoming a classic at a time of year when there is little in the way or long fell races or ultras to choose from, the tour starts and finishes in Askham on the edge of the Lake District and has a 12 hour time limit.

After Friday night in my friends camper van in Askham listening to the rain and wind, Kate (Boobyer) and I started about 7:30 bleary eyed and slightly nervous of what horrors the weather would throw at us. Jogging up onto Askham moor into the teeth of the wind it was soon apparent it would be a challenging day but the rain held off mostly until mid afternoon, save one torrential downpour climbing out of patterdale.

The route is a lollipop shape with an 11 mile leg over to Patterdale via howtown, martingdale and boredale hause. You then do the 16 mile lollipop round helvellyn via sticks pass, Thirlmere and grisedale tarn and then retrace your steps. The first section was tough at times into the wind particularly crossing boredale hause where competitors were getting blown off their feet, but passed pretty quickly. Much of Patterdale valley was flooded so there was some entertaining and rather cold wading to be done to reach the road at Glenridding to start the long slog up sticks. I had a real low point here for about an hour and struggled to find any energy on the climb at all but perked up after we dropped into thirlmere and mercifully out of the wind. It felt like a long drag slowly climbing and undulating through the woods along Thirlmere but we were soon tackling the big haul back up and over the ridge at least this time with a tailwind!. Eventually we emerged back at the patterdale checkpoint, a quick cuppa and we pushed on quickly up to boredale hause the weather deteriorating rapidly. Lots of standing water everywhere made the going hard work to maintain a run but before long we were starting the long steady haul up from howtown fighting a losing battle with the fading light.

With the dark came a big drop in temperature and it was hard to see anything with the headtorch beam shining through the sheet of torrential rain! typical that the last 2 miles were the hardest navigation wise with a maze of trods accross a flat featureless moorland and I was seriously grateful to have company as was getting pretty chilly and tired. Thankfully we emerged in the right place and after falling flat on my back on the final muddy decent we hit the road and the last few hundred meters tried to push hard to ensure the sub 10 and we dibbed with 9 hours 57 minutes on the clock – mission accomplished!

I finished in 112th position – 169 started and 147 finished. The race was won by Ed Catmur in a record breaking 5:48. Chuffed with that considering I hadn’t really built up to this race properly and have rather overindulged in the mince pies the last couple of weeks! Merry Christmas everyone!

Full results here.