Sunday 8th December – 67th Run Sunday

Sunday 8th December – 67th Run Sunday

Hi Everyone

Sorry about the delay in sending you the results but I’ve been fixing a leaking pipe that saw water coming through the kitchen ceiling.

This morning saw not only a fantastic record breaking run and a great turn out but a presidential visit too.

The high winds earlier this week resulted in a some trees being blown over across the course so Michelle and I got up extra early and, as you’ll see in the pictures below, made short work of them to ensure we had a navigable route for our runners this morning…

Ah.. if only!  The council did a sterling job of clearing the paths quickly in time for our run (but we did take the saw just in case).

As I mentioned we were graced with a presidential visit this morning as Matt Podd, Otley Athletic Club’s President joined us for a run and he observed, quite rightly, that if it didn’t get any lighter we might need headtorches!

Indeed the weather had been forecast to be calm but a strong and steady wind created some hard going conditions earlier today as it always seemed to be blowing against the runners no matter where they were on the course so well done to each of our 25 hardy folk who turned out this morning.

Our marshals this morning were tail runner David Womersley, who celebrated his 100th run of the year with us, and on the course were Andy and Debra Brown (with Emmie), Eilidh and Gordon Slater (with Dexter),  Julie Brennan,  Michelle Smith  and Thomas Robertshaw and family.  Thanks to all of you-we simply can’t do it without such great supporters!

First across the line today was Zack Whitehead in a mighty 18:05 followed by newcomer Jamil Parapia who finished in 18:19.  Third and smashing the MJ12 category record by about  three and a half minutes was returning whizz kid Euan Brennan who came home in a swift 18:34.  That’s some impressive running!

For the women, Karen Thrippleton finished in 26:21 with Emma Drake not far behind in 26:45.  Also there was a podium finish for Jane Ellis who crossed the line in a PB of 29:07 (with her typical sprint finish).  Well done all of you!

Our canine competition saw Max cross the line first in 33:17 (with Jane Bellerby) and Flo was second in 35:18 (with Mary Carlisle-oh and Mary you were just 2 seconds off your own category record!).  Our Mutt Marshals were Dexter (with Gordon and Eilidh) and Emmie (with Andy and Debra).

Despite there being no baked goods on offer this week it was a great atmosphere as always so thanks to all of you for turning out on such an overcast morning.

Other news is that next week we will be giving away a week’s half board stay in a Pyrenees guest house, courtesy of Peter Covey’s family, to one lucky runner or marshal (I’m not kidding).  I’ll email everyone about it in the week

I hope that whatever life decides to throw at you this week you take it easily in your stride and Michelle and I look forward to seeing you all again soon!

All the best and Good Running, Paul Shack

5 thoughts on “Sunday 8th December – 67th Run Sunday

  1. No, It’s true – I was there. Ewan is a really nice kid and he can run very fast.
    Well done to all. A nice soft touch race if you’ve nothing else to do on a sunday morning.

  2. Congratulation to Zack for the victory at the Chevin Race, his 18.05 is really good. Welcome back to Jamil that ran strongly on the day, not bad at all .Also well done to all the other club members who took part at this lovely Sunday Race, including Mr President Matt.

  3. no typo Tom, that kid lead the race for the first half and scared me to death, he’s going to be class if he keeps away from woman and beer 🙂

  4. no typo Tom, that kid lead the race for the first half and scared me to death, he’s going to be class if he keeps away from woman and beer 🙂

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