Saturday 14th December – Really Wild Boar Fell Race

Saturday 14th December – Really Wild Boar Fell Race

Caron Ralph reports:

Andrew and I travelled to Kirkby Stephen to the annual Really Wild Boar hosted by Gary and Debbie Devine and with a chance of winning a week in the Pyrenees via it was worth the 80-minute journey.

This five-mile 1400ft race had a record turnout of 134 runners and starts on a rough undulating farmers track then takes you onto the open fell, which is where the fun starts.

Not only does the terrain get harder and steeper, the wind made it feel like you’re running into a brick wall with a major drop 5ft to your left and the wind pushing you off your line. I managed to pass three or four people going up then promptly fell knee deep in a bog just approaching the summit check point where Andrew and Flash the Basset Hound were marshalling, and I lost aforesaid places.

Coming off the summit was quite hair-raising as this time the wind pushed you down, probably faster than I’ve ever run, where you meet the last checkpoint on the farm track. Apparently not everyone went to that checkpoint, including the eventual winner who got relegated because of it.

After a shoe problem ie, losing it in a bog, and many expletives later I finished in 67:18 in 120th position, so thought I deserved a drink in the Fat Lamb afterwards.

First home, visiting all of the checkpoints was Danny Hope, P&B 42:55.  See full results here.

6 thoughts on “Saturday 14th December – Really Wild Boar Fell Race

  1. Well done Carob. Cracking area and I can testify to the awful weather bcos I was walking on another hilly ridge nearby at same time!

  2. Nice one and well deserved beer! At least you weren’t carrying a plastic guitar or a leprechaun hat!!

  3. Ha ha matt! You’ve only just told me what it was! I obviously don’t do enough fell races to know the lingo

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