Thursday 26th December – The Chevin Chase

Thursday 26th December – The Chevin Chase

A gem of a day weather wise made for some fast results with Liam Dunne finishing 11th, Tom Midgley 27th and Graham Lake 31st – which means Otley won the team prize (if there was one).

The winner was someone from Bingley Harriers called Jonny Brownlee in 39:02 and the first lady in 37th overall was Wetherby runner Pauline Munro in 45:35.

Report from Graham Lake:

A perfect, crisp winter’s day for the 2013 Chevin Chase. I knew the start would be a bit of a stampede, so got myself near to the front and set off up Carlton Lane in Jonny Brownlee’s footsteps. Liam and Tom went off ahead, and I settled into a rhythm to make it up the bridleway to the top of the Chevin.

Running with lots of the usual faces (and backs) was great as we sped down into Danefield. I managed to overtake a few more cautious runners on the two descents but I soon got into a good tussle with the first lady (no, not Michelle Obama, Pauline Munro of Wetherby).

She managed to pull away on the steep climb up to surprise view, but the support from some strategically placed Otley AC-ers and hundreds more on the flagstone section gave me a boost and I felt good coming into the road-section. I could see Tom ahead, but he was too far off to try and catch, and I knew he’d be too good on the roads. I did manage to catch Pauline though and pulled away downhill to take a couple more before the finish.

Great banter at the end, and a nice green long sleeve t-shirt and it was off to a freind’s house to help eat up their turkey and cheesecake. Probably my favourite race of the year (I think I’ve said this a few times though!).

p.s. nice pic of me and Jonny here, plus Paul and his horsey friend in the T&A report here. Spot the OtleyACs in the video!

Full Otley AC results (all chip times): 11th Liam Dunne in 42:22, 27 Tom Midgley (44:48), 31 Graham Lake (45:17),  38 Andrew Robertshaw (45:57), 51 Richard Smith (47:00).

107th Tom Potter (49:47 and a race PB), 113 Rogan Ashton (50:05), 141 Andy Hunt (51:06), 145 Renee Saxton (51:08), 177 Laura Martin (52:42), 181 Matt Broughton (52:57), 210 Jim Sneath (53:40).

217th Steven Robinson (53:47), 233 Andrew Webster (54:55), 318 Karen Potter (57:57), 360 Caron Ralph (59:06), 415th Bob Addey 1:00:52, 415th Mary Hampshire (1:00:50), 431st Louise Riches (1:00:31), 481 Sarah Smith (1:02:39), 534 Hugh Pearson (1:03:58), 552 Colin Best (1:05:03).

564th Nicola Lee (1:04:56), 569 Nikki Scott (1:05:41), 505 Roger Davis (1:05:19), 639 Tom Hannah (1:07:53), 644 Sara Richard (1:08:15), 655 Julie Dorling (1:08:40), 684 Sara Elliott (1:09:13).

685th Charlotte Tomlinson (1:09:14), 686 Caroline Marler (1:09:44), 703 Sarah Drake (1:10:06), 705 Paul Clifford (1:09:35), 718 Emma Jones (1:10:43), 744 Hannah Mallinson (1:12:09).

834th Justina Stringer (1:16:18), 855 Toni Midgley (1:17:38) and 902 Gloria Jackson (1:21:27).

There were 962 finishers and there were also a couple of Absolute Beginners there; 860th Georgina Sneath (1:17:57) and 864 Beth O’neil (1:18:24).

Please email the club if anyone has been missed.

And there are some photos here, and full results here.

7 thoughts on “Thursday 26th December – The Chevin Chase

  1. And Mary Hampshire who had a fab run a few minutes ahead of last years time at 60.50! Well done everyone

  2. Compliments to Georgina and Beth for the good performance done at Chevin Chase. Mary had indeed a strong run with a significant finishing time. Liam was really good on the day , not bad at all. Nikki and Sara Elliot also run strongly with a good stride. Well done to all the club’s members who took part at this race, that I used to run every year .

  3. Amazing turn out, same again next year? I think I preferred the new route, still as muddy but dare I say it not having to stop for a rest actually made it easier?!

  4. Well done everyone – a tough course! Just one thing, isn’t this running lark hard enough without indulging in fancy dress?!?

  5. You were all Brilliant, fantastic running and times from you all, from me and Judy, a happy, fit and peaceful new year to you all at Otley ac. “up the “Black and Whites”

  6. What a good turn out from the club in our local race – Just sorry to miss it this year (would have prefered the green shirt to last years orange). Some really good performances from so many!

  7. I did it .un impressive time and performance . Glad to see the end of 2013. Hoping 2014 will bring a success running year!

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