Sunday 29th December – Jolly Holly Jog

Sunday 29th December – Jolly Holly Jog


Results: 1st Jack Simpson, Leeds City 33:29, 1st Lady was Caroline Lambert,  Wetherby 39:26.

and for Otley AC, 3rd Scott Harrington 35:49,  105th Andy Ackroyd 47:23,  180th Jackie Ackroyd 50:35,  182nd David Fox 50:37,  223rd Sara Elliott 52:15,  368th Hannah Mallinson 58:15,  376th Charlotte Tomlinson 58:38,  377th Sarah Jones 58:48,  389th Gemma Harrington 59:33,  430th Ann Yeadon 1:01:06,  493rd Sean O’Halloran 1:05:32 and 532nd Gloria Jackson 1:08:40.

See full results here

Report from Sean O Halloran: On a chilly but sunny winters day 10 OAC members decided to descend upon Ripon for the 26th Jolly Holly Jog – a one-lap, scenic, multi-terrain undulating course of approximately 10k that is run mainly on footpaths through the magnificent Studley Royal deer park.

Having met up in the rugby club to get our race numbers and timing chips for our shoes we made our way to the start/finish area, which was about 15-20 walk away, and waited for the start. Following the usual pre-race announcements by the organisers we were counted down and set on our way. Following the congested start, the field soon dispersed which allowed runners to get into their stride.

The under foot conditions were very muddy at times which made it heavy going and coupled with some impressive inclines this was a tough 10k race and not one to set any records.

Although being a tough race it was very enjoyable one. Post race conversations with fellow OAC members gave the impression that they also enjoyed this race. The Jolly Holly Jog will be a race to add to next years list.

The OAC result of the day goes to Scott who managed to finish third over all and the first local club runner resulting in beer tokens for the third place and a shield for the first local club runner.

This was a great race to end 2013 and well done to all the OAC members for this race and for the year 2013. Otley AC is a great club and one I’m proud to represent. Thank you for welcoming me and many other new runners this year. Already looking forward to 2014.

Happy New Year to all OAC members.

Report from Hannah Mallinson:

Another good turnout for Otley AC at the Jolly Holly Jog today. I think I must have misread the race info when I entered this as I was sure it was a gentle undulating run that would be a nice run out after the Chevin Chase and a lazy Christmas. Tom Hannah burst my bubble a few weeks ago when he informed me it was hilly and if I’m honest I wasn’t really looking forward to another tough race.

However, I thoroughly enjoyed this tough, muddy, hilly race. Lots of different terrain, most of it very muddy and even in off road shoes hard to get grip . The start was very crowded and some of my fellow Otley AC runners, donning tutus and wings, got a clearer start as Ann and I took it steady (and had a chat). I seemed to get into a steady pace quite quick today and soon I could see Gemma and Sarah so used one of Sean’s tactics to hunt them down, I was quite surprised to catch them both and fully expected that they would catch me later on so got my head down and kept going for the time being up the long steady climb.

Soon we were off the road and fighting up a muddy hill, really tough as you had to work twice as hard to not get very far, then through a wooded area and onto yet another muddy, hilly field. I hear some people saw deer in one of the fields but I must have been concentrating on the floor at this point as I missed them. I did however enjoy the sight of the bridge at Studley Park, a little wooden bridge over a small waterfall, a lovely sight to lift my spirits before another long slog up a hill, I was flagging a bit at this point and was convinced Sean was somewhere in front but couldn’t see him anywhere. The hill was a killer and it was great to see people who were obviously more seasoned runners than myself struggling, this helped me dig deep and keep going, to be rewarded by water at the top and the lovely surprise of Jack Robertshaw helping out followed by Kath a little further on. Did she know she was running in the wrong direction?!

Through Studley Park there were some downhill sections to help with recovery from the hills, my little legs were tired and I just wanted to get back as my hip was hurting, yet again. I still couldn’t see Sean and was annoyed with myself for letting him get away at the start and there was no way I was going to catch him so I decided to just relax and chill out so that I could finish the run. This is obviously the secret to running well as I picked up speed and put in my fastest splits. Soon the end was in sight and I could see Scott on the side lines, obviously having finished some time earlier and having had a cup of tea and a bacon sandwich before deciding to cheer on us slow coaches. It was a welcome sight and I ran as quick as I could to the finish line.

I was really pleased to have finished the race and really pleased with my time of around 58 minutes, is it just me that thinks this is as tough as Chevin Chase? And where was Sean, apparently I had passed him early on which was why I couldn’t see him to catch him up……….

We were all really pleased with our times and enjoyed ourselves so I’m sure we will all be there again next year, well maybe not all – hope you’ve recovered from your first off road race Ann, you’ll get used to them and learn to love them, I promise!

5 thoughts on “Sunday 29th December – Jolly Holly Jog

  1. Well done Sean, scott, and all the suberb “Black and Whites” that ran in the “Jolly hogg” well done all.

  2. You are all right Sean , lately you are running really well and as well your report is good indeed . Well done to all club members who took part at the Jolly Holly Hog especially David Fox who run strongly in this course, and to the girls in the picture above who looks like are enjoying the day.

  3. Well done all – a great Club turnout led home very well by Scott. Good to see lots of people having a go (first time for some) in a tough race.

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