Tuesday 31st December – Auld Lang Syne

Tuesday 31st December – Auld Lang Syne

A report from Matt (Santa) Broughton:

On New Years Eve A number of Otley runners competed in the ever  popular Auld Lang Syne Fell Race. I spotted 8 Otley runners, but there could have been more as many runners were in fancy dress.  The race covers just just over 6 miles of undulating field track and moor land with a couple of water crossings thrown in for good measure.  The recent rain had left conditions very wet and muddy which added to the fun. All in all a pretty challenging race. My Santa costume, which seemed like a bargain, and a good idea at the time, soon became a bit of a burden as once wet and muddy I had to hold up my very generously  fitting Santa trousers. I’d obviously not eaten enough mince pies.

The race was won by Tom Addison of Helm Hill in a time of 42:09. For  Otley Liam (in a wig) 22nd 48:05 (taking it steady before his Irish cross country in the coming days)  Shane Ewen (Mr Strong having a great run especially considering his costume) 107th 56:10.  Leon Ricketts 124th 56:53. Ross Armstrong (a very quick banana) 190th 61:05.  Matt Broughton (Soggy Santa) 262nd  66:16.  Caron Ralph 67:35.  Colin Best 69:54. Angela Srivastava 99:01.

Full results, report and photos at www.woodentops.org.uk and especially for Ian a fell race video here.

Happy New Year.

Another report from Caron.

Some dodgy Irish geezer, a banana, Santa Claus, a tiger and Mr Strong among others from Otley AC were this years contenders at Auld Lang Syne Fell Race ( 9.6k/300m). At 11.30 the bagpipes (yes really) started and off we went in a mad dash to get out of the quarry onto the track. After a brief sprint on the road we turned onto paved/gravelled track and followed it up before we turned into a muddy field with a very dodgy descent towards the first stream crossing (the 2nd being same stream but on the way back) through the water and up the other side which consisted of running 2 steps up and 1 down on your knees, then onto a track that took you around the shack and up to the summit where you looped back onto the outward track and back to the stream crossing which was now a quagmire! How the man in the orange Morph suit and the space hopper got up the hill is beyond me. I briefly saw Alistair Brownlee bopping up the track obviously just out for a training run and to see the fancy dress nutters! This course is very deceiving as there is a lot of fast running on muddy/wet tracks and a couple of hard slippery climbs and decents-I heard many a shout of ‘watch out, I can’t stop!’ around me, but everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and I think our Banana man yes you Ross Armstrong) did split!

The winner was Tom Addison of Helm Hill in 42.09 and first lady back was Holly Page of Calder Valley in 50.41. Liam Dunne was our first runner back in 48.05 and 22nd, not sure if Gemma Ricketts is still a member [second claim] but she had a great run finishing 1 minute or so behind her husband Leon.  Good fun and always a good laugh to see some of the hilarious costumes (especially the cross-dressing ones), will be back for this race again next year

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  1. Ha ha! Sorry Tamara-santa claus was matt broughton and other report from me, I don’t know how to link race results on! Well done to Matt for keeping his trousers on and Shane for running in a box! And what can I say about Liam’s performance…..always up there, nice one

  2. Years back I used to run this fell race to finish my running year, and although I am really a road runner ,I loved to do this one . Well done everybody , especially Caron and Matt for strong running, also Liam did well on the day.

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