Tuesday 31st December – Barcelona San Silvestre 10k

Tuesday 31st December – Barcelona San Silvestre 10k

Sarah Jones took part in the Barcelona San Silvestre 10K completing the course in 54:04. The winner was Samir Ait Booychamane in 29:47.

She said: “Starting at 5.30pm on the waterfront the route takes you along wide city streets lined with a vast number of spectators cheering and shouting encouragement (I think!!!). While the course is totally fla it’s not a PB race due to the sheer amount of participants; around 10,000 people take part and you need to constantly dodge fellow runners.

“There are also a number of sharp bends which creates a few pinch points along the route which means it’s hard to get into a rhythm. The music, lighting and party atmosphere, however, is more than enough to compensate to make it a worthwhile race.

“The winning time was 29:47, and while I did okay at 54:04 my excuse for not breaking 54 mins is that it was too warm; although the locals were all wearing snoots, coats and hats!

“A couple of tips: the website for entry does not open until the beginning of December and fills up quickly so worth monitoring closely if you have your travel booked; and the organisers are very strict on the time pens, so do ensure you enter a time or you will be starting at the back.”

2 thoughts on “Tuesday 31st December – Barcelona San Silvestre 10k

  1. From your picture it looks like that you are ready to enjoy your 10k in Barcelona, to run with 10.000 runners around you it is not easy at all, 54.04 is good. Well done Sarah.

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