Sunday 19th January – Brass Monkey

Sunday 19th January – Brass Monkey

Admin duly notes your times below and that the race was won by Matthew Pierson in 70:19, unattached, although so is a certain Matthew John in second place at 70:35. First lady was Jilly Woodthorpe, Barnsley AC, 19th overall in 75:57. Results


Report from Richard Smith:

Set off with Liam this morning to run the Brass Monkey Half Marathon (having had Beastie Boys in my head all week). Despite getting slightly lost en route thanks to my Irish Navigator,’Oy tink its dat turn off, ooh jaysus’, we managed to arrive in good time before the start.

Why such a high demand for the race? Other than two minimal climbs to cross a bridge, the course is absolutely pancake flat, but also very scenic taking in country roads and well supported in sections. Fortunately the conditions picked up to make near perfect conditions for running. Organisation was friendly, flawless and despite a little pre-race pessimism given the entry process and cost of event, I thoroughly enjoyed it and wouldn’t hesitate to enter again. Other OAC members (who I saw) included myself (obviously) (111th, 83.36), Liam (15th, 74.59), Mark Hall (55th 79.56), Tom H (797th, 107.05), Matt John (70:35) and Billy (1020th, 114.46).

Report from Liam Dunne:

Just to add to Richards report, we set off with yesterday morn with no map or sat nav but just a vague idea that the  the race was roughly somewhere near York racecourse. I assumed Richard, being the driver, would have worked out where he was going. On second thoughts, this is the man who couldn’t find his way to the bottom of Roseberry topping without veering off course and more recently left his keys, passport and wallet on a train in Germany!

There were a lot of showers before the start but apart from that conditions for the race were good with little or no wind and cool temperatures, which were just perfect for running.
Being a fast flat course and with training going really well over the past months, I was confident of doing well. I was delighted to finish in a time 74.59 and in the top 15 with a PB of over two and a half minutes.
Matt John had a great run to finish 2nd and not far behind the winner. Richard forgot to mention that he also achieved a PB by approximately 2mins. Mark Hall, who is still suffering from a lung and back injury after falling down the stairs at Christmas done really well to even start the race, but expectedly, finished way down on his usual performance.
Having spoken to Billy and Tom after the race they both seemed happy with their run.

9 thoughts on “Sunday 19th January – Brass Monkey

  1. Matt John came second didn’t he? Pretty impressive. And Liam 15th? Brilliant running all Black and Whites

  2. Sadly for Matt on the day it seems his friend, training partner and former colleague, Matt Pierson beat him on the day.
    I am sure watching those two glide around the course would be worth the entry fee alone.
    Well done to all that raced.

  3. Well done to all the club’s members who run this fast course this year, especially Mark Hall who run a super race , he is a competitor at his best, indeed that is going fast. Also Liam did an outstanding performance , he was a super runner in York. And as well Tom H. had a strong run in this flat course that i used to run , my best year was 2004 with 1.44 .

  4. Despite sending in a report and then chasing it up; my report still hasn’t made it to the website?
    Anyway just to mention a few things, firstly, well done to Richard Smith who forgot to mention that he beat his previous PB by about two mins. Btw he also forgot to mention that had the navigation been left to him we probably would of been running around Hull!
    Mark Hall done really well to even start the race when considering he was injured after doing damage to his back and lungs when he had a fall around the xmas period. He was way off his usual best but never gave up!
    Oh, and I was delighted to knock over 2 and a half mins off my previous PB to finish in sub 75mins. Well done to Matt on finishing 2nd and also Tom H and Billy, and any others we can’t mention!

  5. Some spectacular results here. seems to be PB country – take note people, and get those entries in early. Well done to Matt J – good to see you some time. Where are you now?

  6. Thank you Liam for explaining that Mark Hall had a fall at Christmas’s time , that he was injured in the back and his lungs, I wish Mark a speedy recovery and to come back soon to his normal training, and all this makes his race in York more impressive and remarkable.

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