Sunday 19th January – Run Sunday

Sunday 19th January – Run Sunday

From Paul Shack: Of course it’s sunny now while I’m writing the report!!

Hi everyone,

What can only be described as dreich weather welcomed 40 slightly soggy runners and even wetter marshals and spectators but damp squibs you were not!  You all went off like rockets!

Firstly a huge debt of gratitude to our tail runner  Katherine Robertshaw and our  course marshals who were  Anna Murtough (with Kaidyn and Zak Quinlan), Janice Slater (and Dexter), Kat Shepherdson, Michelle Smith and Paul Robson. A huge tin of sweets was provided by Anna Murtough.

Our enforced change of finish line and subsequent short funnel created all sorts of fun and games for Michelle and me but despite an air of organised chaos I think we pulled it off thanks to all of your cooperation.

The proper slippy kind of mud, bad air quality and car wash spray rain did not deter our first lady, Leah Forey who breasted the tape in a swift 24:12 and was fourth overall. Second for the ladies was Sarah Tomlinson in 26:59 and Helen Forey finished twelve seconds later in 27:11.  Those positions could have been different but for the fourth lady’s companion, Dylan who decided to have a “pit stop” and slowed Emma Payne down in the process.

Our first male finisher was Matthew Kirkham who, on his first time out despite the conditions, crossed the line in 20:31.  Following for the men was Neil Jones in 22:35 and Gordon Slater in 23:03.

As always great running from everyone!

In the Doggie Derby first was Dora in 25:37 with James Knox, second was the aforementioned Dylan in 27:25 with Emma Payne and third was Puppy with Michelle Mangeolles in 27:52 (t/a).  Our canine marshal today was Dexter (with Janice Slater).

Three junior records fell today!

The first went to Archie Budding who knocked 30 seonds off the MJ7 category and finished sixth overall. Edward Robson has set the standard for the MJ5 category and perhaps the biggest winner today was Emma Wilkinson who signed up only this morning and thought briefly about doing only one lap but then with her mum, Bev, completed the course and got herself a Run Sunday category record.  Well done the Wilkinsons and everyone else for defying the oppressive greyness earlier and brightening up the Chevin if only for an hour or so.

Thanks to Gordon and Janice for the lift home.

Wherever life takes you this week I hope you enjoy it and come out on top.  Michelle and I look forward to seeing you all again soon!

(Fuzzy finishing photos on facebook)

All the best and Good Running, Paul Shack

Full results 

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  1. Well done to all of you for the great effort to make this race special . Emma Payne I would say is one of the greatest competitor in this district , a strong runner that never surrender in any race, I have got just admiration for her, good of you Emma.

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