Saturday 25th January – parkrun 5k races

Saturday 25th January – parkrun 5k races

Leeds parkrun:

Christian Hosker 34th in 20:20. The winner was Michael Keedy (St Theresa’s) in 17:13 and the first lady was Zoe Rayner in 20:54.

Pontefract parkrun:

Tom Potter 9th in 19:32. The winner was James Capon (Pontefract) in 17:20 and the first lady was Helen Singleton (Wakefield Harriers) in 18:09.

Roundhay parkrun:
Howard Jeffrey 69th in 23:16. The winner was Jeremy Ladyman (Valley Striders) in 17:30 and the first lady was Myra Jones (Valley Striders) in 20:15.

6 thoughts on “Saturday 25th January – parkrun 5k races

  1. Cheers Neil, The racecourse at Ponte was a bit muddy and slippy so wasnt ideal, I was hoping to run a fair bit quicker than that to be honest.

  2. Well done to all of you. When are you going to break out and do proper races?
    Especially good to see Howard back in action – he has not been well recently. Good luck H.

  3. Thanks Matt.
    I ventured out after a virus which laid me low since just after the Guy Fawkes 10 to do a parkrun at Roundhay (last week but the barcode didn’t read so I was an unknown). This involved facial paralysis (the virus that is, not a great look) which has now thankfully all but gone (just don’t ask me to say cheeeeese!). Had to tape my eye shut, wear a patch and a balaclava (don’t ask) and go only out after dark (to walk the dog), take anti-virals and steroids for a few weeks. This week printed a new barcode so was recorded 69th (out of 287) in 23.16 which I was quite pleased with. I’m Back.. as they say.

  4. Well done all and nice to hear you’re back running Howard, and by your time it looks like you’ve kept your fitness up too!

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