Saturday 26th January – Northern Cross Country – Knowsley Safari Park

Saturday 26th January – Northern Cross Country – Knowsley Safari Park

Report from the Hon. Handicapper
Mud, mud glorious mud… With a few traffic problems en-route we arrived at the park with a little less than 15 mins to go to the start.  For a big event like this it was going to be touch an go whether we’d make it to the start line in time.  Luckily we did, lining up next favourites for the team race, Leeds City.

The race was a 12k, 3 lap affair with no respite from the mud apart from a 20m section on the finishing straight, so not really a course for the track or road runners.  I was pleased with a top 200 finish  in 193rd 51:40 a few places ahead on Jon Greenwell 238th 52:58.  The star of the show for the Black and Whites and rolling back the years was Ian (the King) Fisher, with a brilliant run finishing 27th 43:42.  It is worth noting the standard of the race that a certain Olympic bronze medalist finished one place outside the top 20.

Our post race analysis of our the race preparation, was that it proved to be quite useful on this occasion, with absolutely zero hanging around in the cold and mud..

The race was won by Dan Garbutt, Durham City in 41:17.  Full results here.  Report and links to pictures here and interview with the winner here.

12 thoughts on “Saturday 26th January – Northern Cross Country – Knowsley Safari Park

  1. Just seen the results. Wow I did alright didn’t I? I don’t think my running style was all that pretty at that speed. But I felt fine when I finished with plenty more in the tank. I’m sure I would have finished higher had I been race sharp. I could write a report but my ego could crash this website, or even the World Wide Web and plunge the world into kaos. But thankfully, I’m trained in knowing in keeping my feet grounded. (If only it was filmed eh??) ALL HAIL THE KING!!

  2. You boys did us proud – well done! At your running speed I don’t suppose you had time to admire the animals, unless of course they were chasing you round! ? !

  3. Ian not only runs very well, but is a lesson to us all in modesty – understatment is his middle name. Well done to all of you for running well, going to Liverpool and not being eaten by animals.

  4. Animals? I assume youre referring to scousers, Matt.

    Brilliant run Ian defeating the winner of the Abbey Dash last year and just a few spots behind a certain Mr Brownlee.

    Well done Andrew on another strong and to John too. Awesome efforts all round.

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