Sunday 23rd February – Snake Lane 10 Mile

Sunday 23rd February – Snake Lane 10 Mile

Report from Ursula McGouran:

I woke to a dry, bright but very windy Sunday morning – why had I agreed to race the Snake Lane 10? A long story but it involved at least one glass too many of a very tasty red wine… Ah well, a good training run I reminded myself.

Richard (Bell, from Wetherby Runners) kindly agreed to give me a lift to the race so off we set. When we got there we only spotted a couple of Otley AC runners in the distance and didn’t see them during or after the run so sorry about that!

We were all marshalled for the long walk to the start (enough of a warm up for me) and then the hooter sounded and we were off! Lovely start, slightly down hill and a following wind – bliss, and it enabled us all to get a good start, getting into our stride and enjoying the scenery.

The course lives up to it’s name and snakes you through the countryside. This was fine until the half way point when the inevitable happened. We turned a corner and hit a head wind strong enough to stop you in your tracks! You just knew it was going to happen but that didn’t stop it being tough… And it stayed with us right until we turned into the square to finish.

However, Pete’s hill sessions that he runs for Wetherby Runners every Wednesday evening really kicked in and, although I’ll not pretend I’m fast, I did dig in and ended up overtaking many more people than the number who passed me – that always makes you feel better!

After the final hill it was time to see if there was anything left in the tank as I was running in quite a large group. I dug in and managed to out sprint a few men who seemed hell bent on trying to pass me, finishing in a time of 1:22:04 which was a relief given the conditions!

Thanks to Richard for the lift and to family Wheeler (of Wetherby) for the opportunity to run. It’s now time for a celebratory drink and enjoy the closing ceremony of Sochi 2014!

The race was won by Carl Ryde of Doncaster AC in 54:45 and First Lady was Helen Cross of Pocklington Runners in 1:02:14.

The Black and White team performed well: Mark Hall  (6th & 1st V50) 58:36, Tom Midgley (14th) in 1:00:06 and Toni Midgley in 1:46:52. See full results here.

3 thoughts on “Sunday 23rd February – Snake Lane 10 Mile

  1. Very pleased to get a 10 mile race under my belt. However the last 5 miles were extremely tough in that wind! Bring on the next one!

  2. A good report from Ursula on the Snake Lane 10 mile running as well an excellent race. Toni was just fantastic , after the victory at Eccup ,a strong run by her in this hard 10 mile course, also Tom M. did well on the day. Mark Hall is a great competitor . Well done everybody.

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