Sunday 23rd February – Tarpley 10

Sunday 23rd February – Tarpley 10

Scott_Tarpley10  Gemma Harrington reports:

Scott ran the Tarpley 10 mile race between Bury St. Edmunds & Ipswich and finished first, recording a new PB and also a  course record of 54.29.

12 thoughts on “Sunday 23rd February – Tarpley 10

  1. The 7th fastest 10 mile performance by a UK athlete any where in the world this year! – According the to the Runbritain statistics

  2. Neil, This is by no means my place to make any opinions public but Mr Fisher has a 10m PB of 50:12 set at 2006 running of the Sale 10 mile race

  3. Can I just say I will never be as fast as the king Ian fisher, all I can do is give my all in training and races and see what happens

  4. Well done Scott sub 5.30 miling for 10 miles is motoring. You race who is there on the day and to come first… enough said!

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