Thursday 28th February – OAC Cake-Off & Quiz

Thursday 28th February – OAC Cake-Off & Quiz

A huge thanks to everyone who baked and who joined in with the evening; you did the club proud.

Honourable judges Billy (Paul Hollywood) and Phil R (Mary Berry) had the enviable tasks of sampling all 13 entries before declaring the winner to be Gemma Harrington for her lemon cup cakes, and she won a bottle of top notch cava from the OAC Cellar for her efforts; there’s a video of her tearful acceptance speech on the OAC Runners Facebook page courtesy of Simon A.


Colin Best came second and Caron Ralph third.

The quiz champions were “The Overstayers” of Caron, Andrew R, John Cowan, Nicola Lee and Laura, who took home a bottle of wine each, with the second placed team “The Old Gits” of Phil R, Tom H, and Kath and Jack all getting a bottle of Yorkshire Square Ale.

No President Podd for the evening, but you have a running club to be proud of; or at least a running club that really likes eating cake.

Pictures of the cakes can be seen on the club’s Flickr page, and if you want the quiz questions and answers, here they are.

NB: If anyone has issues with Q31 – read this.

5 thoughts on “Thursday 28th February – OAC Cake-Off & Quiz

  1. on behalf of the judges – we thought all the cakes were really good. There were no bad cakes – and I know what bad cakes are like – I’ve made some. Any of the OAC cakes could have graced Betty’s.

    phil r

  2. Just to look at the picture of your lemon cup cakes Gemma, makes me understand why you won because they look delicious, I would love to have some of them to eat in this moment. Congratulation to the quiz champions”The Overstayers”,and Compliments to the “The Old Gits” for the second place, and well done to the judges as well for the good work done.

  3. I like eating cakes and sampled some fine cheesecakes whilst in Wales – The Caramel was exceptional. And yes, I am continually proud of you all, but don’t forget….. you have to earn your cakes. Effort, Achievement , Reward!
    Sorry to miss it Matt

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