Saturday 1st March – Trollers Trot

Saturday 1st March – Trollers Trot

Admin notes that the 12-mile race was won by Phil McGeever (Horsforth Harriers) in 1:37:38 and first lady in third place was Teresa Woodford in 1:43:38. For Otley AC Richard Hamer came ninth in 2:09:50 and Stephen Boddy 10th (2:09:55).

The 25-mile was won by Paul Carman (Wharfedale Harriers) in 3:19:00 and first lady in third place overall was Jann Smith (Ilkley Harriers) in 3:27:29. For Otley AC Richard Smith  finished 12th in 3:39:54, actually first in his young persons’ age category! Robin Outtersides was 61st in 4:20:31, although he started the 12-mile.

Report from Richard Hamer: “I ran this as a training run/nice day and was aiming for about two hours; so when you take into account the navigation issues and the overall terrain (it was very boggy on them hills) I was pleased.

“Teamed up with Stephen B after a mile or so and we did think that assuming Robin was high up in the field we’d get the none-existent team prize. Turns out Robin opted to turn right at Rylstone Church where the race splits between the 12 and 25.

“Well and truly cream crackered by the end, those last few metres up the hill from Grassington Bridge were a struggle. So glad I didn’t have to go up Trollers Ghyll; maybe next year?”

Report from Stephen Boddy: This was my first race in the proud colours of Otley AC and I was quite excited by the prospect. My excitement grew when I pulled back the curtains to find that sunshine had replaced the usual rain and wind.

I picked up Robin and we set off driving in very good spirits despite Robin sleeping in and my hangover creeping in. I think we were just past Addingham when Robin uttered the prophetic words: “I just hope I don’t get lost, I’ve got to be at work at 2.”

On arriving at the start it was both heart-warming and disconcerting to find out that none of the Otley ACers present had come prepared with things like rucksacks, water, directions or a compass, but we did have style, and Richard Hamer pulled an OS map from, hopefully, his back pocket.

It seemed to me that Richard, or more pertinently, his map would be a good person to run with and so it proved as we seemed equally paced and passed the time from miles 3-7 reminiscing about old football grounds. The countryside was stunning and there was a really friendly, relaxed vibe amongst all the runners we met.

Richard turned into a regular pied piper with a group of 6 of us following his map up and down dale. When I got back to the school I asked Paul Shack if Robin had won the race and he replied saying he wasn’t back yet. There were three possibilities, he was lost on the moor, he was running the 25miler or he was running back to Otley.

From what I can gather Robin missed the turning at Rysdale and felt the easiest thing to do was to carry on running 19 miles to the finish. He also made it to work a mere 20 minutes late. All in all, it was a fantastic race with the weather, scenery and organisation all on top form.

Full event results here.

11 thoughts on “Saturday 1st March – Trollers Trot

  1. Just to clarify there were two Richard Smith’s – I finished in 3h38 in the end. Would have hoped for a good 10-15mins quicker had I not got lost! Thanks to Colin for rescuing me! Robin also disappeared, I believe he’s been found alive and did finish the 25 mile run.

    Fantastic event, suprisingly average turn out for such a cracking run in great surroundings. One for the diary.

  2. I was walking the Burnsall to Grassington route on Saturday and hadn’t realised that the race would be going through here at the same time so I spent my walk dodging out of the way of tired runners and shouting words of encouragement to the couple of runners I knew. I saw an Otley vest but for the life of me couldn’t remember his name, think it must have been Robin, so if you remember a walker wishing you good luck that was me!

  3. Richard, I am so sorry for the mistake. Please accept my apologies.
    Robin Outta Sight you are one crazy guy. Who decides half way through a 12 miler to do a 25! Great stuff-impressive and made my day-well done.

  4. I should also take a moment to thank OAC’s marvellous Colin Best because without him the race(s) could not have happened.
    Cheers Colin!

  5. No worries at all Paul, common as muck us Smith’s. I’m just glad Robin’s made my navigational skills look a little more respectable. Clearly we’d make a great pair on the fells…

    Big thanks again to all who supported the event. As ever, Colin was an unsung hero.

  6. Well done all! Richard at least you navigated your way out of trouble with a little help from colin!

  7. Wish I’d been there. Good conditions and really fancied it. Shame leg and hip said no thanks! There’s always next year. And Blubberhouses 25 at start if April if anyone interested.

  8. Richard Smith had really strong run indeed in this year’s Trollers Trot race , as well Richard Hamer had a good day on the fell , and Robin too ran strongly.Well done everybody.

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