Sunday 2nd March – Silverstone Half Marathon

Sunday 2nd March – Silverstone Half Marathon

Admin notes that the race was won by Chris Thompson in 65.08, a new course record and first lady was Imogen Keane, Imperial College, in 64.12

Report from Sean O Halloran:  Silverstone Half Marathon is a running landmark for me as I completed this race last year (in a time of 3:03:20) and decided to join OAC a week later. With a great year of regular running with OAC and continuous improvement I decided to enter the  Silverstone Half Marathon again to gauge how much I had improved in a year. Leaving early on Sunday morning I had hoped to arrive in good time but with the endless roadwork’s on the M1 and the volume of traffic 6 miles from the track we made the start line with 15 min to spare. I was hopeful for a good time and went into the 2hr pen to avoid getting held up too much at the start. After a short wait we were soon underway and i soon settled in to a nice pace. The race is on, in and around the race circuit, the first 3 miles is a lap of the track, the middle 9 miles in a mixture of the infield and perimeter service roads and the final 3 miles is back on the track heading back to the start/finish line. The course is slightly undulating and with the weather conditions not being ideal (strong winds and drizzle/rain) it was hard going at times. From about mile 8 my pace was slowing and i was finding it tough to maintain my pre-race determined pace. The final 3 miles were tough but I dug deep and eventually the finish line was in sight and with a final injection of pace I crossed the line. It then hit me, with the final ounces of glucose I managed to calculate that I had achieved a half marathon PB of a massive 49 minutes. As you can imagine i am totally chuffed with my result, I crossed the finish line in 2:14:32. This vast improvement in the space of a year would not had been possible without the great OAC, thank you guys. Paul Clifford also ran this race but due 7000+ runners and supports and corporate persons I did not manage to find him. However Paul put in a good race and managed a great time of 1:39:45, nice one Paul. This is a well organised race with a generous goody bag and well worth the journey down the M1. I plan to make this race an yearly event and I hope a few more OAC members will join me next year.
Report from Elaine  

My daughter and I form the number one fan club for Sean. We wished him well for the race and saw him disappear in the crowds. We went to find a good spot to see the start of the race and could see that a large portion of the track was taken up by runners all attempting to stay warm. First off were the wheelchair users shortly followed by the runners. Niamh knew that the second start gun was the start for Daddy and started shouting “Go go go” and started clapping. Once the race was under way, we moved around various points to gain a track side view and better sight of those taking part (plus attempt to keep warm, as the wind was making the day very cold). We positioned ourselves on the straight between the three to four mile marker,  ten mile marker and the finish line. On the straight between the three to four mile marker we saw the first three or four wheelchair users go past, then the first runner (he set the new course record).  At every location we watched the pack of runners going past as we watched out for Sean and on seeing him we yelled and clapped loudest encouragement than we had been doing for all the other runners. While waiting we were chatting to other supports and learnt that one of the runners was doing the same as Sean and using it as part of training for the London Marathon.  Our loudest encouragement of the day for Sean was seeing him approach and cross the finishing line. We were proud of him for having done the course and a lot faster than previously. As the race progressed so the rain began which started off as drizzle which, with the wind, must have made it interesting for the runners, as for us supporters we got colder and more slightly damp as the day went on. So we were glad to get back to the car when Sean had finished.Getting out of the car park was interesting and our patience was tested but we were eventually heading for home.
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  1. Nice one Sean! On track for marathon now! And Elaine you and niamh should start a supporters club!

  2. Fantastic achievement Sean, to take so much off your PB in just one year just shows how much effort you’ve put into your training. Well done!

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