Sunday 9th March – East Hull 20

Sunday 9th March – East Hull 20

Another 20-miler for the marathon bods with four Black & Whites travelling there.

Tom Hannah finished 219th in 2:57:54, Jaqueline Ackroyd 222nd (2:58:30), Andy Ackroyd 238th (3:02:34), and David Hainsworth 226th (3:12:50). See here for the pics.

The race was won by Will Beauchamp (Sheffield RC/TC) in 1:55:15 and the first lady in 28th place was Nicky Green (Ilkley) in 2:11:49.

Report from David Hainsworth: A nearly flat route, which now includes a section of cycle track, and a really nice spring day – even got a touch of sunburn. Set off at nine-minute miles and maintained that comfortably through 10.

By 15 worrying sensations of tiredness were appearing and just before 18 the wheels fell off completely. The last two-miles included a few little walks and the finish was a very welcome sight. Think Tom, although quite a bit faster than me, suffered a similar fate and Jacqueline Ackroyd was closing him down rapidly in the closing stages.

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  1. The senior members of the club out having fun – well done all. Tom did well to beat Jackie and Andy.

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