Sunday 6th April – Blackpool Half Marathon

Sunday 6th April – Blackpool Half Marathon

Report from Paul Clifford

I ran my second half marathon at the weekend at Blackpool. Blackpool marathon was also taking place at the same time. The half marathon was a single lap of the route and the marathon was 2 laps (although no one seemed to know the actual route, not even the organisers). It was my first ever race whereby I’d never received my race number in the post, instead I had to collect from the Hilton Hotel the day before or really early the morning of the race. Knowing what I’m like for needing the loo before I race I decided to collect it on Saturday.

Sunday, race day, not exactly looking forward to the race as I’d not been running very well since my first half marathon last month (Silverstone). Weather was dry, cold and at times very windy. Race started and by the time I’d reached 3 mile I could have dropped out, I felt terrible. Nicci and Katie were waiting with a sports drink for me at about 7 mile which was greatly received and great to have the support.

Heading north towards Fleetwood we turned around and headed back alongside the beach. The wind was ridiculous for about 3 mile. I got running with a really good pack of runners, some of these turned off to start their second lap for the marathon. I wished them good luck and could only think thank goodness I was finishing soon.

I finished 48th out of 985 and 5th in my category with a time of 01:35:01.  The half marathon was won by Damian Carr – Coventry Godiva in a time of 01:16:02. Emma Ballantyne was the first lady home finishing in 15th with a time of 01:26:28.  See full results here.

4 thoughts on “Sunday 6th April – Blackpool Half Marathon

  1. Well done indeed Paul, you ran a good race in 1.35 that is worth much more because you are not in the best of form, it is a great performance if considering the strong wind as well.

  2. Great result Paul especially given the weather – you must be training hard to be getting such strong times. keep it up!

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