Sunday 6th April – Harewood 10k

Sunday 6th April – Harewood 10k

Another trail race win for Robin Outtersides finishing in a time of 36:46, with Stephen Boddy in 49:34, Jane Butler (55:48), Joanna Hobson (1:02:21) and Ann Yeadon (1:10:25).

Report from Stephen Boddy:

I had been looking forward to this race as it seemed like a good distance to do a week before London and I’ve done this run in the past and I think it’s a great course, undulating with one really tough climb but good trails all the way round with plenty of muddy puddle thrown in for good measure. The only negative is its busyness, both on the course and getting out the car park which took a fair bit longer than the run took Robin. I picked up Robin and my mate Ian, and we set off in good spirits.   Well, Ian and I were in good spirits, Robin was thoroughly down about the whole event saying that he hated the waiting around and the running(!!) and only really enjoyed the journey there. It turned out we had very little time to wait around as the queue to get in and to sign up meant we got to starting point very close to the starting whistle. This meant that we all, Robin included, started from the back.  I felt good throughout the run and achieved my target of dipping under 50 minutes and finished in a net time of 49mins 32 seconds. This was quite pleasing as it was a 10k PB on a fairly tough course which gives me hope for a good time on a flatter road course. When I finish these races I try and find Robin who has usually finished long before me. There is always some mystery surrounding where he might be. Is he lost? Still out there running around Harewood? Has he got bored of waiting for me and run home? Sunday was a new one for me. As I was scanning the fairly sparse crowd trying to locate him I heard an announcement over the PA system; “In first place, Robin Outtersides” and there he was climbing onto the podium. Considering he started at the back and was not keen on the running at all, 36 mins was a very impressive time and coming 1st was no mean feat. Robin told me he didn’t even realise he was in the lead until he broke the tape.   All in all, it was a very successful outing.

Please comment if admin has missed any other Otley folk.  See full results here.

5 thoughts on “Sunday 6th April – Harewood 10k

  1. A fantastic result from Robin on a very muddy wet course. There were a few Otley runners but for some reason the club name hasn’t been mentioned (sorry not sure on names). I managed a personal worst (time not worth recording!) & Louise & I think Ann had to pull out as unfortunately Ann had a nasty fall at the 5k mark. A really good route through Harewood & one I would like to try again when feeling fitter & not so slippy underfoot.

  2. Congratulation for the victory Robin, winning is good indeed. Also a personal worst can be a good performance if you consider the very muddy course , and i did ran years ago the same race in a similar muddy condition for me a road runner was a disaster at the finish line, but a good experience for the future races , well done Joanna you did well. I wish a steady recover to Ann and Louise.

  3. Well done Robin! Always good to see a black and white vest at the top. Joanna, trust your shoes and go for it and nice one to all other OACers. Ann don’t let it put you off-tarmac burns are a lot worse!

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