Sunday 6th April – Not the Sheffield Half Marathon

Sunday 6th April – Not the Sheffield Half Marathon

Report from Andy Webster:

Well it was an early start to ensure I did not get stuck in traffic. Arrived in good time about 7.45 for a 9 AM start or so we thought. At 8.40 we were told there was a thirty minute delay to the start but no official reasons. Then my Garmin died! what else could go wrong?

Well about 9.45 still no race but we thought things must be close as the elites started warming up. Five minutes later and we were given the news the race had been cancelled, some speculation about no water!

Well 5000 runners thought they would just have a mass jog! Well perhaps the people at the back did not realise it was off. Ignoring the police and stewards off we went. I felt after travelling all this way, and needing to do a long run thought might as well follow.

The standing around had not helped and felt quite stiff for the first few miles, but picked up the pace though not sure much as no timing, and at the turn at Hunters Bar felt pretty strong. Slight tiredness set in at 12 miles. But kept on going to the finish, not sure what time I did, but I think around 1 hour 40.

The race “cancellation” made the news, but the marshals and crowd were excellent and helped us all around.

Doing the Leeds 1/2 marathon 2 weeks before the Edinburgh marathon, hopefully the water turns up this time!

3 thoughts on “Sunday 6th April – Not the Sheffield Half Marathon

  1. Sounds a nightmare and after getting up so early, but good on you for running any way. According to the results you did 1:41 which sounds great to me given all the confusion and hanging around! Good luck for Leeds & Edinburgh.

  2. What’s all this about the Hunters Bar ? Has someone organised a race from there and not told me ? Good luck in Edinburgh, it can be very warm.

  3. Heard about this and I’d have done the same Andy so well done for starting and finishing it!

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