Tuesday 8th April – Bunny Run 2

Tuesday 8th April – Bunny Run 2

Report from Caron:

CYes it’s that time of year again, our annual visit to the cold, windy Dimples Lane quarry.  Bunny run #2 was well attended by the black and whites with 7 runners entered and some even managed to run just in vests which is highly unusual due to the April temperatures in Haworth being nearly Arctic. Steve, Lisa, Gloria and Laura were having their first taste of Bunny mania and judging by the comments after the race, were glad to have made the trip over (even if it is for only 2.8 miles).  As per usual everyone pushes forward only to be screamed at to move back and wait for the shout to start then the mad, frantic dash is underway. The 3 lap course wasn’t too bad this year although there was some very muddy patches that were quagmires by the 3rd time round and racing against kids doesn’t seem to make us adults run any faster!

First man home was Tom Adams of Ilkley Harriers-now on his 6th bunny run win in 15.17,  first lady was Katie Walshaw of Holmfirth in 17.52.

For the black and whites, first home was Steve Robinson,20:36, Laura Clark, 23:12 (I’m sure she’s been doing some secret training) followed by myself, 24:08, Bob Baker 24:18, Richard Hamer 25:32,  Lisa Maughan 27:37 and Gloria Jackson 33:42, (action photo).  None of us ventured to the pub after but a quick peek thru the window confirmed the amount of chocolate on offer this year was just as abundant as previous years and is thrown out to the crowd by the mens and ladies winners (apparently this year they threw out crisps and haribos as well as easter eggs).  An enjoyable run that is a permanent fixture on my calendar every year.  Full results and lots of photos on woodentops here.

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  1. Caron – as it’s the Bunny Run series do you run in costume?! Perhaps you could model the ears and tails at the next handicap as a practice run? Sounds good fun an well done to everyone who turned out.

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