Sunday 13th April – Virgin Money London Marathon

Sunday 13th April – Virgin Money London Marathon

london marathon 2014

Report from Lisa Maughan:

My second marathon and first time at London . I was both excited and nervous in the lead up to it. I woke up early and made my way to the start. Fortunately I bumped into a dubious looking pair at Charing Cross (Tom and Jackie), and Tom’s laid back attitude helped to calm my nerves!

We were in the pens about 30 minutes before the start, which actually passed quite quickly, and then we were off. I had decided to run near the 4 hr pace group, along with around 15,000 other people, or so it seemed. I was scratched, shoved and tripped up twice before half way, it was horrible!

Thankfully it thinned out a bit around mile 18 but then I had to contend with people stopping to walk in front of me, which was annoying especially when you are tired. I caught up with Tom at about 19 I think. He was in a lot of pain, after checking he was OK and throwing a couple of iboprofen at him I ploughed on.

I knew at this point that I wasn’t going to make sub four but was determined to get as near to four hours as possible so pushed on. The crowds along the last stretch were amazing and pushed me on. All in all I was very pleased with my time – a 12 minute PB. It was an amazing experience but not one I will be repeating in a hurry!

Report from Sean O’Halloran:

The weekend started with a trip to the London Excel to collect the race numbers, race pack and final instructions.  There was also a chance to pick up some bargains from the trade stands. I was lucky enough me meet Wilson Kipsang and Geoffrey Mutai at the Excel and have a photo taken with each, but I’m not holding out much hope for a christmas card.

Race day and we are greeted with clear skies and rising temperatures. I arrived at the blue start and managed to meet up with Lisa, Tom and Jackie, we had a team photo, wished each other good luck and went to our numbered pen. It took me 15 mins to cross the start line once the race got underway. I decided to join the 4:30hrs pace group and settled into a nice rhythm and the miles were ticking off nicely. A quick kiss from Niamh mile 3 and back to the job at hand. I was feeling great and things were going to plan until mile 8 where I was getting too hot and by mile 10 I had slowed quite a lot and I realised my original plan was not going to unfold. I was now running with the 5hr pace group and this was my new plan. Half way came and I realised I was struggling and it now became a race of survival. I had passed a few collapsed runners who were being tended to my St John and I just wanted to complete the race. As the weather was very warm (sore sunburn now) I was unsure if I was taking on to little or too much fluid but I was struggling to get going. The miles slowly ticked by and the welcoming thoughts and sights of Elaine and Niamh kept me going. When I got to mile 23 I realised it was a parkrun to the finish and that I was going to make it. Eventually Buckingham Palace came into view and around the corner was the finishing line!! I had completed the London Marathon, something I had been dreaming of for years. I received my medal and met up with the family. Some learning points taken from this race and now on to the next challenge.
A big well done to all the OAC runners, I hope your legs recover soon.


The race was won by Wilson Kipsang in 2.04.29 and first lady was Edna Kiplagat in 2.20.21. First in for the Black and Whites was Liam Dunne 388th overall in 2.45.40; followed by Richard Clarke, 3920th, in 3.23.10; Karen Potter, 6274th, in 3.37.21; Jackie Ackroyd, 9676th, in 3.52.43; Lisa Maughan, 12654th, in 4.04.03; Stephen Boddy, 15711th, in 4.16.57; Tom Hannah, 23014th, in 4.28.51; and Sean O’Halloran, 32997th, in 5.57.46.

Official race report and results



9 thoughts on “Sunday 13th April – Virgin Money London Marathon

  1. We’ll done to you all, brilliant results! I enjoyed tracking you as you went around the course. Especially we’ll done to Lisa for her PB & to Sean for running the distance, but fantastic results for everybody.

  2. you were all fantastic, well done to you all , you are all “Black and White”superstars, credit to you all !

  3. Well done to all OAC crew who ran y’day ‘Twas a fantastic experience to run the London marathon and despite not having a good day I was delighted to have got around. Although it has been said to me many times before, how great the atmosphere is, you can’t actually describe the buzz unless you’re amongst the competitors…it’s a must in every runners lifetime!

  4. Although Liam you did not have a good day , you ran in 2.45 ,that is a time that would be a dream come through for loads of runners in any running club to do in any marathon. Indeed good reports from London by Lisa and Sean. Excellent performances from all the club’s members , especially from Sean , I am really impressed by him , in just over a year ,Sean went from running 5k to a London Marathon, it is a huge achievement.

  5. Impressive outing for the club and well done to you all! We were tracking each of you on the really clever real time web system they have and felt for you all as your journeys unfolded… Time to celebrate and relax now!!!

  6. If people are interested an extended version of my report can be found at

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