Friday 18th April – The Hot Cross Run 10K (Trail)

Friday 18th April – The Hot Cross Run 10K (Trail)

Provisional results indicate that David Cattanach was the only OAC member to run at todays Hot Cross Run, Harrogate. This is the first running of this 10K trail race organised by Country Trail Races. Sadly it seems no time has been recorded for David – Although he estimates a finish time close to 75mins.

The first male to finish was Pete Willkie of Roundhay Runners in 47:02, and the first female was Rachel Mackie of Abbey Runners in 49:46.

Full results here.

6 thoughts on “Friday 18th April – The Hot Cross Run 10K (Trail)

  1. An interesting race – no offical start line – during a warm-up half a dozen runners made a leisurely start of the course, so I tagged in behind. The course instructions were broken down into 6 paragraphs which reflected each mile passed. For those not interested in competition but simply the joy of running – the gradients were mild the scenery every changing, no cars. I lost track of the route at the 4 mile point I did not find the ‘white footbridge’. But a cunning insert relating to the instructions mentions a large white house on the horizon – which I could clearly see; this helped me to eventually regain the course, thus creating a slower time of approx. 75 minutes. I would recommend the series of trail races being organised. This one included £2 off a pint + a hot cross bun – the Star and Garter, Kirkby Overblow

  2. That was good running David, with no pressure to performe , it is a race to go because it is good value for money as well, not bad nowadays that some races ask almost a fortune to take part in it.

  3. Sounds fun and it must be great to run a new route but not necessarily be racing. Thanks for letting us know about this David!

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