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Saturday 31st May – Park Runs

Leeds: 1st Tom Hooper, Bingley Harriers, 16.38; for Otley, Christian Hosker 20.03 and Richard Clarke in 20.21

Bradford: 1st Luke Jones, Claremont Road Runners, 18.22, 1st lady Alison Boyle, Hyde Park Harriers, 22.30; for Otley, Ann Yeadon in 26.36

Sewerby: 1st Gregan Clarkson, Kingston upon Hull AC, 16.42; for Otley, Reid Haddow 38.51



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Monday 26th May – Austwick Amble

Report by the hon. handicapper

May Bank Holiday sees one of the first of the summer’s traditional Dales village gala’s plus fell race at Austwick.  This race is an 8 mile / 1200ft amble across the Norber erratics to the Ingleborough path at Sulber Nick and back.  Arriving in the nick of time, 12:55 for the 1pm start, the pre-race warm up for Caron was a sprint to register and get a number!

Meanwhile Caron’s number one supporter,  Flash pottered up the road sniffing out any potential difficulties for the runners.  Moments later the runners passed and Flash barked his support and was keen to chase as fast as his little legs would carry him!  After a walk up to the erratics we missed the leaders on their return, but did see a mountain rescue Land Rover rushing up the road,  followed shortly afterwards by a first response ambulance  car.  Oh dear somebody must have a twisted/broken ankle  I thought.

Back almost to Austwick, watching the runners coming through and just as I was thinking Caron should have come through by now,  a guy from Harrogate (Nick) stopped to say Shane had collapsed with heat exhaustion and Caron had stayed with him, whilst the cave/mountain rescue got there.  By the time the ambulance returned to Austwick Shane had come round, but was on his way to Airedale hospital for a checkup.  So lots of thanks to everyone involved in Shane’s return and a hopefully a very speedy recovery.

Back to the race, provisional results show that… 1st back was Kieran Hodgson, Helm Hill 51:26 and the first lady was Deborah Gowans, Accrington 1:01:24 ,  first for Otley as Rogan Ashton in 11th 58:16 followed in 16th by Richard Smith 58:57.   Official results are available here and photos on the racing snakes site here.


Monday 26th May – Ilkley Trail Race

Tom Adams  won this local hilly trail race, recording a new course record for of 38:52.  The first lady was Hannah Oldroyd 49:35,  and certain Olympic gold & bronze medalists were spotted watching, obviously looking for a few running tips!

First home for Otley in 9th was Robin Outtersides 46:39 followed by 48th Tom Potter 51:01,  148th David Fox 1:00:58,  163rd Nicola Lee 1:02:45,  175th Liz Fawcett 1:03:23,  267th Lisa Maughan 1:08:31,  276th Antonio Cardinale 1:36:22.  Full results are available on Ilkley’s site here. and photos on the Woodentops here.


Sunday 25th May – Edinburgh 1/2 Marathon & Marathon

EdinburghMarathonSome early news from the Scottish capital, the first 3 men and women in the marathon were:

1. David Toniok 2:15:33, 2. Japhet Koech 2:16:29, 3. Elicky Kipchoge Mase 2:17:29

1. Kateryna Stetsenko 2:36:07, 2. Risper Kimaiyo 2:39:52, 3. Adeline Roche 2:47:03.

and results for Otley are: 11th Scott Harrington 2:34:42,  1448th Andy Webster  3:36:58,  4499th Billy Rayner 4:16:38

….. in the Half the first 3 men and women were:

1. Ross Houston 1:07:16, 2. Antonio Silva 1:07:43, 3. Max McNeill 1:08:02

1. Gladys Ganiel 1:17:26, 2. Shona MacIntosh 1:18:39, 3. Hayley Haining 1:19:51.

again early incomplete results for Otley are:  38th Tom Midgley 1:18:33,  718th Ed Hardy 1:36:27,  1938th Gilly Wight 1:46:19,  3043rd Charlotte Tomlinson 1:53:02,  4121st Gemma Harrington 1:58:25,  5190th Reid Haddow 2:04:22,  6117th Toni Midgley 2:10:00

There are more published incomplete results here and more of Gemma’s photos on the Flickr site here.


Sunday 25th May – Montane Howgills Trail 26

Neil Charlton writes:

26.1 Miles / 4000+ft (according to my watch)

I’d never been to The Howgills before which are an area north of Sedbergh in the Southern Lake District. After having dozed off in the car while driving past Skipton (not literally) I missed the turn off for the A65 and ended up down the A59 on my way to Clitheroe before I realised my mistake. Panicking as I thought I was going to miss the start, I turned around and drove assertively back and corrected my stupid mistake. It was early.

Arriving in Sedbergh the weather was glorious. Nice and sunny while not being too hot. In fact it stayed like this for most of the race, getting warmer and warmer the further we got. It wasnt until the last 2 miles that I saw any rain.

This race was difficult to plan a strategy for. Most of the tough climbing was at the start, in fact within the first 10k. Before the race I stuggled with the idea of walking most of these first climbs in order to save my legs for ”a fast finish’. What actually happened was predicable in that I charged out of the blocks way to fast and tried to keep up with someone who was running far too fast for me!

After the inital brutal 10k we had a nice decent and lots of steady bits coming down through a valley. There had been a lot of water falling up there in the previous days and more than one path had turned into a stream. Most of them in this section were under water which made it hard to run fast. There were also lots of rocks in this section which made it very uneven and slippery.

Coming up to half way was a small section on some very small roads going back up. I passed a number of people here that had flown past me going down the tracks, which isnt my strong point at all. So I was chuffed to make these places back.

At just over half way there was the best display of chocolate treats and buiscuits I have ever seen at the feed station. If I wasnt in such a hurry I would have taken a picture of them! In fact this is a problem generally when racing . Always blooming running fast – never enough time for lovely photos. I could have taken loads today the views in this part of the world were staggering,

The last half was generally undulating on tracks and paths carved into the hillside. I seem to have noticed lots of horses around on this section. Loads of ’em, just stood about doing nothing.

At about 23 miles I started to feel a little wobbly from running so hard from the start. A couple of jelly babies sort of helped but I knew I needed something more substantial (ahem – like a pint!) in my system. I managed to stuggle on to the end at a reduced speed.

To my surprise I was told I was 15th by the chip guy on the finish line but I’ll believe this when the official results come out. Saying that though – looking at last years results – with my time I would have been second. So maybe I was 15th? If so this would be my best marathon finish.

In summary a great race which was tough at times but with amazing scenery and a nice veggie burger at the end. The only negative of the day was the cold shower at the end. Brrrrrrr.

The race was won by Martin Cox of Team Scott in 3:27:14. Only one other runner came in under 4 hours. I was indeed 15th finishing in 4:19:13.

More info here and results here

Screen Shot 2014-05-25 at 18.01.53



Saturday 24th May – Park Runs

Bradford: 1st Andrew Siddle, Doncaster 17:35, for Otley,  Ann Yeadon 27:02

Roundhay: 1st Alex Pagdin, Skyrac AC 18:00, for Otley, Michael Jeffrey 24:18

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Thursday 22nd May – Apperley Bridge Canter (ABC) 10k (Approx)

Lisa Maughan reports:

Myself and three other Black and Whites took part in this local event organised by Horsforth Harriers. The route was altered this year due to the canal tow path being out of action. In my opinion this made it a far more enjoyable route as it was a bit shorter and included more hills and more mud (especially due to the recent rain).

The toilet situation had also changed, meaning that this year there were only two ladies loos. This, and some bad planning on our part, meant that Sara Richard and myself were late for the start by about 2 minutes. This actually made the race more enjoyable for me.

The initial push to catch the back of the pack was faster than I would have normally set off, however I passed people all the way to the finish, which is actually a very satisfying way to run a race (shame I can’t do that in the handicaps!).

The icing on the cake was that I was given a trophy from the 2013 Leeds Race Series – my first and probably last!

The race was won by Phillip Tedd (Woodhouse Grove School) in 28:35, the first female was Hannah Oldroyd (UK Net runner) she was 17th overall with a time of 32:53.

For Otley AC, Mark Hall was 5th and first V50 (30:25), Richard Clarke 98th (37:11), Lisa Maughan 277th (47:56) & Sara Richard 283rd (48:36)

Results here.


Wednesday 21st May – Kildwick Fell Race (3.75m/800ft)

Simon Anderson comments:

On Wednesday 21st May 2014 Brian Goodison (Abbey Runners) and I had a jaunt out to Kildwick for a summer’s evening fell race hosted by Keighley and Craven AC.

For those yet to investigate this corner of God’s Own County, the setting is a rural idyll between Keighley and Skipton, close to The Honorary Handicapper’s home village of Silsden.

The route starts with an abrupt and rude climb out of the village terminating at Farnhill Pinnacle, which bizarrely we had to run around before performing what was effectively an undulating figure of eight over Kildwick Moor.

The dash back from the pinnacle became entertaining when I lost my hard earned position to a fella who had hurdled over the left hand side of a canal bridge that the marshal was directing us to turn right at the end of and run back underneath.

Rarely do I bother sticking in a sprint finish, but so indignant was I at being jumped that I spilled my guts to regain my place over the remaining 250 metres to the line, finishing 3rd overall (1st V40) in 27:53.

The men’s race was won by Ian Nixon (Pudsey & Bramley) in 26:29, and the first woman was Lindsey Oldfield in 31:52. Following the event we adjourned to enjoy the pleasures of the White Lion, where prize giving later took place in the beer garden. The results can be found here.

Next race: Hutton Roof – Saturday 24th May. Anyone fancy sharing a ride?


Wednesday 21st May – Askern 10k

Tom Potter reports:

I decided to have a crack at achieving a new 10k PB, after recently smashing my 5k, 10mile, half marathon and marathon PB’s. All within the last seven weeks.

Having raced the Askern 10mile several times over the past few years I knew this course would most likely be undulating and not entirely ‘pancake’ flat. I was still confident of breaking my previous best time of 19:04 (set in 2012) due to my apparent good form.

The race winner in 32:24, was Gareth Rowe (Clowne Road Runners) & the first female finisher, 29th overall, was Jenny Latham of my second claim club Wakefield Harriers with a time of 36:55.

Delighted to report I achieved my PB and finished in 50th position with a time of 38:22.

Full results.


Wednesday 21st May – John Carr 5k series – Race 3

Jamil Parapia reports on the race:

It has been seven years for me and five for second claim member Zack Whitehead but we can finally whisper those two cherished letters again, PB.

After my running career was cut short by chronic achilles tendinitis and Zack’s by a torn knee cartilage, last summer we decided to have another stab at returning to competitive running.

More so Zack who I felt had not fulfilled his true potential. After six months of structured training plans, experimenting with new style lung busting interval training, changes to nutrition (yes we do actually drink sheep and goat milk), flexibility and strength building exercises as well as running drills, the mission was accomplished.

Okay it was only a local 5k race and not Rio 2016 but they all count don’t they! Having missed out on the PB carnival last week I felt I had to throw the kitchen sink at this one and Ian gave me some sound tactical advice about how to approach the final John Carr 5k: “Go for the win”.

Not my usual style but given the frantic start at this race I felt that this time it was worth a go; so off I belted from the start leading for enough time to clear the feared speed bump.

Zack and Liam were in hot pursuit a few places behind. Sadly I didn’t win the race but came home third in 15.34 a new personal best. I can once again join the masses who drool over their Power of 10 profiles with contemporary satisfaction rather than looking back at them with nostalgic revere.

Previous pbs during the last decade had been set alongside Ian and I was fortunate to have him pedalling one of his push bikes alongside me on various stretches of the route urging me to run faster. After an opening mile of 4.38 this was always going to be a challenge.

Whoever is milking Zack’s goats should probably be investigated as he produced an astonishing run of 15.50. He had never run sub 16 for 5k on the road before. Indeed in the first race two weeks ago he ran 16.22.

There were notable performances from men’s captain Liam 16.15 and Mark Hall 16.38, both very impressive times, easy to forget how tough it is to run so fast. Well done to Richard Clarke(20:21) for another consistent run not far off last week’s time, and newcomer Nikki Scott(24:13) who according to records had not run this race before.

I finished 2nd Male in the overall 3 race competition, behind Kevin Ogden of Spenborough. Zack was 1st male open category, Liam 1st of the V35s and the immortal Mark Hall 1st in the V50.

On the night the race winner was Jonathan Wills (Leeds City) in 15:26 and the first female was Claire Duck (Leeds City) she was 25th overall in 16:50.