Thursday 8th May 2014 – HDSRL Race 1 – Ilkley (5miles)

Thursday 8th May 2014 – HDSRL Race 1 – Ilkley (5miles)

A decent turnout yet again for the first race of this year, although there were some notable absences on the night. The weather was damp and drizzly but that didn’t dampen the mood and a good evening was had by all concerned.

Many thanks to Ilkley harriers who hosted a fantastic race and have set the benchmark for the rest of the races in the series.

The race was won by Andrew Grant from Harrogate in 27.35, who only pulled away from our Scott Harrington near the finish and first lady in 25th, 30.26, was Sharon Barlow-Hamilton from Ripon Runners. Our top 3 were Scott, 2nd in 28.00; Ed Davies, 10th in 29.04; and Simon Anderson, not to be confused with Rogan, 12th overall in 29.17.

And the rest of us!:

Graham Lake, 20th, 30.12; Richard Smith, 21st, 30.15; Robin Outtersides, 34th, 31.16; Andrew Robertshaw, 42nd, 31.50; Shane Ewen, 43rd, 31.56; Tom Potter, 46th, 32.20; Simon Toyne, 63rd, 33.17; Steve Robinson, 66th, 33.22; Jeremy Stewart, 71st, 33.32; Christian Hosker, 81st, 33.52; John Armitstead, 87th, 34.09; Neil Charlton, 90th, 34.16; Paul Clifford, 108th, 35.17; Tamara Weatherhead, 116th, 35.45; Andy Webster, 135th, 36.45; Stephen Boddy, 150th, 37.39; Louise Riches, 160th, 38.01; Matt Dodd (sic, hahaha!!) 173rd, 38.45; John Cowan, 174th, 38.46; Caron Ralph, 189th, 39.28; Mary Hampshire, 191st, 39.32; Colin Best, 194th, 39.44; Dominic Egan, 202nd, 40.07; Liz Fawcett, 212th, 40.34; Sara Elliott, 216th, 40. 38; Andrew Rayner, 219th, 40.44; Gilly Wight, 221st, 40.47; Rebecca Vaughan, 223rd, 41.03; Jackie Ackroyd, 225th, 41.08; Richrad Humer -sic (hahaha again!!) 243rd, 41.53; Mick Jeffrey 248th, 42.20; Charlotte Tomlinson, 251st, 42.35; Chris Brunhold, 260th, 43.08; Gemma Harrington, 273rd, 44.44 (nice time!); Laura Liddell, 274th 44.47; Laura Hind, 277th, 44.55; Joanna Hobson, 293rd, 46.02; Julie Darling (Ah, is that you Julie Dorling?!)296th, 46.18; David Cattanach, 305th, 47.52; Sean O Halloran, 318th, 49.53; Debra Brown, 327th 53.44; Antonio Cardinale, 329th, 53.51; Gloria Jackson, 333rd, 54.52


Full results from HDSRL race details here.


14 thoughts on “Thursday 8th May 2014 – HDSRL Race 1 – Ilkley (5miles)

  1. Finally, a rainy run! The weather has been far too warm most HL races that I’ve done. Thanks for turning out in force ladies!!! Well done to all of us 🙂 Well done Scott in 2nd!

  2. Yes ditto Tamara! Well done to you too! We seem to have a good cluster of ladies finishing very close together which is always good. And a lot of top end men too

  3. Not liking the ‘failed to run’ list haha! Fingers crossed I am fit for the next one! Well done to all Otley ACers, great turnout

  4. “Twas I, but ’tis not I”

    I must admit I ran brilliantly for 12th at the Harrogate League. So, well done Rogan.


    I was not there!

    Will the real Rogan reveal themselves?

  5. Yeah, that flummoxed me Rogan! I believe Mr Simon Anderson is on the case.
    Thanks Ian, nothing to do with the free cake at the end that motivates us all to turn up – that’s just me 😉

  6. Great race, thanks to all who turned out – shame there were not more. We as a club prioritise this series over all others – a club descision backed up by our recent survey of members. Please can we have a big turn out at the rest of the races.
    The President

  7. Phew, I hope I’m not on web duty next time then!! I make it 45, with 22 ladies yay!!! I’m not counting again so i hope i have everybody there. Some of you, e.g. Robin, Jeremy, Louise, Laura L., Mary, aren’t linkable to Power of 10, sorry. Email them to sort that out if you’d like.

  8. Well done to all those who did not ‘fail to run’!

    ‘Way to Go…Antonio’, consistent and almost ever present

    My name is on ze list (of everlasting shame!). I fail to run in many races but that still leaves a fair few. I also appear to have aged prematurely!

  9. I read the comments that were posted earlier and subsequently removed by the web administrator and feel I have to comment on them.
    As a club I think it’s great when members of all abilities turn out for an event and this should be encouraged prior to all events. However, I feel it’s inappropiate to single out or criticise individuals for not turning up to any particular event.

    On this occasion negative comments were made towards some of the members who probably train and race more often than most.
    Everyone has a life outside of OAC and decisions not to run for whatever reason should be respected by all. Just because the club committee has decided to prioritise the HL dosen’t mean that everyone is obliged to turn up. Lets not antagonise individuals but celebrate the clubs success.

  10. Can’t argue with those well made points Liam. The HDSRL is just seen as a little precious by some, including me. I have to concede that any posts I have made have probably shown this a little too much to be honest.
    I also felt that some comments could have been inflammatory and set to rock the boat a little. That’s why I deleted them really. For the good of the club and all that.

  11. Too kind Howard. Compliments to all the club’s members who took part at this Ilkley race, it was a good night for running, although it was wet. Well done everybody.

  12. Agree a great turn, on my calculations I think the men’s team was second about 1.5 points behind Harrogate and the lady’s 6th, not got round to the old folks teams! On a personal note, looking for a better run at Nidd Valley

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