Sunday 11th May – Leeds Half-Marathon

Sunday 11th May – Leeds Half-Marathon

Matt John came a brilliant second place in 1:12:18 (gun), 1:12:16 (chip), behind the winner Testafaye Debele in 1:08:28 (1:08:26), with Wetherby’s Pauline Munro the first lady in 14th place with 1:19:43 (1:19:41).

Tom Midgley came home in 1:20:26 (1:20:22); Richard Smith 1:23:28 (1:23:22) (a PB); Tom Potter 1:28:24 (1:28:18) (under 1:30 was his target, so job done); Jeremy Stewart 1:30:59 (1:29:10); Christian Hosker 1:31:49 (1:31:18); Howard Jeffrey 1:37:33 (1:37:18); Andy Webster 1:37:46 (1:37:16); Andrew Rayner 1:54:09 (1:51:51); Reid Haddow 2:01:18 (2:01:14); Jane Butler 2:01:49 (1:57:14); Gilly Wright 2:02:58 (1:59:53); Lisa Maughan 2:05:38 (2:01:39); Anne Yeadon 2:05:39 (2:01:40).

According to Howard Jeffrey: “Conditions were fair for the race which was a 7,000 sell-out with 5,319 finishers. The course was slightly altered from previous years to keep it off a stretch of the ring road, but that made little difference.

“I felt good and had predicted a 1:38 after Keswick last week so in 1:37:18 chip time, job done too! I lacked my usual zip on the downhill stretches though and achieved the time thanks to Andrew Webster overtaking me at about nine-miles.

“With my ethos being never willingly let anyone finish in front of me I dug in and reigned him back at mile 12. I feigned strength to the finish although his chip time was two-seconds faster. Call it a draw!

“There was a stiff breeze at times and squally showers at others together with some warm sunny intervals. That is the end of the weather aftercast. I heard the encouragement from Julian and Ian and some others spectating which always helps, thanks. I have already entered next year’s event and the ‘failed to run’ list is on page 94 of this report!”

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  2. Back to normal now Howard! Well done the black and whites and some cracking times and a PB for Tom P! Well done Ann on your first half as well.

  3. I’m not that precious about it but hasten to point out that these are gun times rather than chip times. The start (further back) was a bit of a free for all, as there were no starting pens, and it was four minutes before we were able to start the run for real! 🙂

  4. Congrats to Ann, Christian and Jeremy on great performances in their first half marathons. Tom P for nailing sub 90 and Matt on an incredible 2nd place finish. In fact I think everyone I spoke to before the race achieved and exceeded their own pre-race targets. Great to see Reid back and big thanks to Ian, Liam, Bods, Charlotte and anyone else I’ve missed who came out to support.

  5. Thanks Caron but not quite back to normal (I hope!) as am only on about one third of my normal run training regime so scope to improve yet.

    Lisa I did note they were all gun times when I submitted the report but it was lost in the editing. Some people took nearly 10 minutes to get to the start line! Despite the technology finishing positions go by gun time but it is always gratifying to have a better chip (and actual!) time

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