Tuesday 13th May – Jack Bloor Races

Tuesday 13th May – Jack Bloor Races

Robin OutersidesGraham Lake writes: A glorious evening’s fell racing on Ilkley Moor for the latest Jack Bloor event. Hills, mud, golden sunlight, scrapes, tumbles, good route choices, bad route choices, banter, blood, big smiles and finally beer. Nowt better!

Plenty of Otley vests at the start all looking to stash clothes as the gorgeous weather meant no mandatory kit needed. The start is steep and unforgiving, and I sprinted up the first part to miss the squeeze next to the fence.

Pulling up the climb behind Sam Stell in the top 15 I slowly dropped back to find my rightful place as we dashed down to the Swastika Stone; then it’s another steep climb before levelling out a bit and making the shallow climb to the summit of the moor. I started to feel a bit better and started overtaking a few people who had passed me on the climb.

After the (horrible) slabs the couple of runners ahead of me went too far on and I got a couple more places back. But then the first of two bad route choices lost me a couple more places just before the steep descent started.

After the steps, and after Robin passed me like a kamikaze mountain goat, I took a sharp right to try and cut the corner, but this was a big mistake as I lost about 10 places, slotting back in just behind Shane Green, who I had a nice little tussle with right to the finish flag. This really is a cracking race, and I’m still thinking of where I can improve for next year (not hard!).

Results here.

The race winner was Ian Nixon of P&B in 41:25 & the first female in 51st position overall was Gill Myers of Wharfedale Harriers in a time of 51:47.

Otley runners included: Sam Stell 18th (45:15), Robin Outtersides 33rd in (49:41), Graham Lake 41st (50:26) Simon Toyne 73rd in 54:12, Steve Robinson 80th (54:58), Tom Lynch 101st (57:42), Hugh Pearson 112th (59:40), Steven Boddy 140th (62:35), Caron Ralph 153rd(63:49), Sarah Fuller 177th(68:48), Liz Fawcett 178th (69:08), Sean O’Halloran 213th(84:34) & Lisa Maughan(85:25)

11 thoughts on “Tuesday 13th May – Jack Bloor Races

  1. Fabulous race and tougher than last time I ran it 2 years ago due to the amount if mud-at least liz fawcett didn’t have to pull me out of one this time! Great to be fell racing in cracking weather well done all especially Lisa Maughan on her 1st (nearly) fell race. Also running were Liz Fawcett and Sean ( hollybush) O’Halloran

  2. been a few years since I last did this for whatever reason but it certainly was a tad muddy! Liz chased me round and it definately helped push harder on some sections than I would have otherwise on my poor tired little legs.I didn’t have to pull her out of any bogs but there were a few shrieks from both of us as we dissappeared in some bog holes! stunning evening and a great route. well done to everyone who ran and also to our great turnout of juniors who all ran well too 🙂

  3. Good turn out from Otley AC, well done all those who finished before me (that’s everyone then!). Great to see all the juniors out as well. A fab evening all round, I thoroughly enjoyed it – but don’t think that my toenails will ever be clean again 😉

  4. Well done everyone and a great race report. Let me explain my absence: Mud, Blood, Scrapes etc.

    Lisa, I recollect the Duchess of York had a good way of keeping her toenails clean!

  5. Looks like the results are up. I enjoyed my first race for the club, I think I even heard some people cheering my name on the way round….well I’m assuming they meant me!

  6. I would like to claim a photo finish with Simon T but I’m afraid I was a good 40 seconds or so behind him after his quick decent…….!!

  7. That last message reads a bit cryptic. My time is incorrect as I did not record the same time as Simon Toyne.

  8. I was sad this year I had to miss this beautiful race ,that I did last year in 85 minutes. Well done to all the members who took part in this fell, especially Caron that with 63.49 did a great race, and Sean is just awesome .

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