Well done Phil!

Well done Phil!

Phil RobinsonCongratulations to Phil Robinson who’s just notched up his 1066th race*; and he only started running at the age of 43. Just don’t call him Norman.

*Phil defines a race as an event that has a prize, or prizes, and an official time for the finishers.

6 thoughts on “Well done Phil!

  1. Well done Phil. I am pleased for you because the after the bike crash it sounded like Doomsday.

    Not Norman but how about Phil.I.Am?

  2. Yea verily; far too many historical references.

    And the 1066 doesn’t take into account the training, the non-race events, the cycling, the Munros, the Corbetts, the Wainwrights or the beers with Tom etc!

  3. Congratulations indeed Phil, for your 1066th race (now 1068) I wish you can get to the 1500th race mark . Well done Super Phil. Tonight you did a good race on the Chevin too.

  4. Wow, that’s great. I didn’t realise you only started running later on in life, there’s hope for me yet then!

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