Wednesday 21st May – John Carr 5k series – Race 3

Wednesday 21st May – John Carr 5k series – Race 3

Jamil Parapia reports on the race:

It has been seven years for me and five for second claim member Zack Whitehead but we can finally whisper those two cherished letters again, PB.

After my running career was cut short by chronic achilles tendinitis and Zack’s by a torn knee cartilage, last summer we decided to have another stab at returning to competitive running.

More so Zack who I felt had not fulfilled his true potential. After six months of structured training plans, experimenting with new style lung busting interval training, changes to nutrition (yes we do actually drink sheep and goat milk), flexibility and strength building exercises as well as running drills, the mission was accomplished.

Okay it was only a local 5k race and not Rio 2016 but they all count don’t they! Having missed out on the PB carnival last week I felt I had to throw the kitchen sink at this one and Ian gave me some sound tactical advice about how to approach the final John Carr 5k: “Go for the win”.

Not my usual style but given the frantic start at this race I felt that this time it was worth a go; so off I belted from the start leading for enough time to clear the feared speed bump.

Zack and Liam were in hot pursuit a few places behind. Sadly I didn’t win the race but came home third in 15.34 a new personal best. I can once again join the masses who drool over their Power of 10 profiles with contemporary satisfaction rather than looking back at them with nostalgic revere.

Previous pbs during the last decade had been set alongside Ian and I was fortunate to have him pedalling one of his push bikes alongside me on various stretches of the route urging me to run faster. After an opening mile of 4.38 this was always going to be a challenge.

Whoever is milking Zack’s goats should probably be investigated as he produced an astonishing run of 15.50. He had never run sub 16 for 5k on the road before. Indeed in the first race two weeks ago he ran 16.22.

There were notable performances from men’s captain Liam 16.15 and Mark Hall 16.38, both very impressive times, easy to forget how tough it is to run so fast. Well done to Richard Clarke(20:21) for another consistent run not far off last week’s time, and newcomer Nikki Scott(24:13) who according to records had not run this race before.

I finished 2nd Male in the overall 3 race competition, behind Kevin Ogden of Spenborough. Zack was 1st male open category, Liam 1st of the V35s and the immortal Mark Hall 1st in the V50.

On the night the race winner was Jonathan Wills (Leeds City) in 15:26 and the first female was Claire Duck (Leeds City) she was 25th overall in 16:50.

9 thoughts on “Wednesday 21st May – John Carr 5k series – Race 3

  1. Bloody fast running guys!!! Well done to everyone for amazing performances and trophies for the OAC trophy cabinet?. I can only dream of such times and if I tried to run that fast I probably would end up with a nose bleed or worse.

  2. Brilliant effort chaps. You’re right, to run fast is often overlooked in the world of marathons and ultras, but is equally impressive.
    Would be interested to see what you both did in detail with regard to training/nutrition. Fancy sending out some sort of training plan so us mere mortals can get an idea what it takes?

  3. Agree! I’ve got more chance of finishing the spine than ever running 5k in less than 20 minutes !! A lot of talent there guys 🙂

  4. Amazing stuff. What great results. I’m with Graham – I’d love to see the training plans, just for research purposes of course. I’d never be able to run those times.

  5. Nice one all you black and whiters and Zack ( honourary) you’ve worked tremendously hard in training! Always wondered why Zack has an affinity with goats (milk) even mixing it with beetroot juice Jamil….?!

  6. Liam, Jamil, Zack. You all ran really well, sure you can run even faster. it was good to be part of an OAC team.

  7. Indeed very fast running by everyone, well done to all the members who ran in Esholt , especially Jamil that deserved to win at least one race because he did 3 powerful performances , and Nikki S. as well for her first one in Esholt with a good ran on the day.

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