Sunday 25th May – Edinburgh 1/2 Marathon & Marathon

Sunday 25th May – Edinburgh 1/2 Marathon & Marathon

EdinburghMarathonSome early news from the Scottish capital, the first 3 men and women in the marathon were:

1. David Toniok 2:15:33, 2. Japhet Koech 2:16:29, 3. Elicky Kipchoge Mase 2:17:29

1. Kateryna Stetsenko 2:36:07, 2. Risper Kimaiyo 2:39:52, 3. Adeline Roche 2:47:03.

and results for Otley are: 11th Scott Harrington 2:34:42,  1448th Andy Webster  3:36:58,  4499th Billy Rayner 4:16:38

….. in the Half the first 3 men and women were:

1. Ross Houston 1:07:16, 2. Antonio Silva 1:07:43, 3. Max McNeill 1:08:02

1. Gladys Ganiel 1:17:26, 2. Shona MacIntosh 1:18:39, 3. Hayley Haining 1:19:51.

again early incomplete results for Otley are:  38th Tom Midgley 1:18:33,  718th Ed Hardy 1:36:27,  1938th Gilly Wight 1:46:19,  3043rd Charlotte Tomlinson 1:53:02,  4121st Gemma Harrington 1:58:25,  5190th Reid Haddow 2:04:22,  6117th Toni Midgley 2:10:00

There are more published incomplete results here and more of Gemma’s photos on the Flickr site here.

10 thoughts on “Sunday 25th May – Edinburgh 1/2 Marathon & Marathon

  1. Amazing results, well done all, I was wondering how you’d all got on & it seems absolutely brilliantly! Have a great celebratory night tonight

  2. Well done Scott & everyone else too and Scott you’re now 5th on the all time Otley AC marathon times, (excluding Eric Smith 2:22:32), & pushing the hon. handicapper down one spot! for info. the top 4 is Ian Fisher 2:20:38, Matt John 2:28:01, Neil Cayton 2:31:12 & Julian Mawson 2:33:57.

  3. Massive well done to each and everyone of you.

    Great stat Andrew. I do enjoy a good stat 🙂

  4. Fantastic running guys. A massive well done to you all. Great evidence that the club is going from strength to strength.

  5. please could you all or someone collate all the official results & email run@otleyac… as the website won’t make the full results public !!! Cheers

  6. Well done to you all, great PB Gemma and what can you say about Scott that hasn’t already been said.

  7. Congratulation to Gemma for her PB at Edinburgh with a super performance, also Toni and Charlotte did well on the day. Billy had a brilliant ran with 4:16, and as well Tom M. and Gilly with Reid and Andy W. all had good runnings . Scott had a solid performance in this marathon.

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