Monday 26th May – Austwick Amble

Monday 26th May – Austwick Amble

Report by the hon. handicapper

May Bank Holiday sees one of the first of the summer’s traditional Dales village gala’s plus fell race at Austwick.  This race is an 8 mile / 1200ft amble across the Norber erratics to the Ingleborough path at Sulber Nick and back.  Arriving in the nick of time, 12:55 for the 1pm start, the pre-race warm up for Caron was a sprint to register and get a number!

Meanwhile Caron’s number one supporter,  Flash pottered up the road sniffing out any potential difficulties for the runners.  Moments later the runners passed and Flash barked his support and was keen to chase as fast as his little legs would carry him!  After a walk up to the erratics we missed the leaders on their return, but did see a mountain rescue Land Rover rushing up the road,  followed shortly afterwards by a first response ambulance  car.  Oh dear somebody must have a twisted/broken ankle  I thought.

Back almost to Austwick, watching the runners coming through and just as I was thinking Caron should have come through by now,  a guy from Harrogate (Nick) stopped to say Shane had collapsed with heat exhaustion and Caron had stayed with him, whilst the cave/mountain rescue got there.  By the time the ambulance returned to Austwick Shane had come round, but was on his way to Airedale hospital for a checkup.  So lots of thanks to everyone involved in Shane’s return and a hopefully a very speedy recovery.

Back to the race, provisional results show that… 1st back was Kieran Hodgson, Helm Hill 51:26 and the first lady was Deborah Gowans, Accrington 1:01:24 ,  first for Otley as Rogan Ashton in 11th 58:16 followed in 16th by Richard Smith 58:57.   Official results are available here and photos on the racing snakes site here.

8 thoughts on “Monday 26th May – Austwick Amble

  1. Well done to Caron, Rogan and Richard.

    Best wishes to Shane. I hope your recovery is swift.

  2. Hope you are ok Shane, well done to Rogan and Richard for finishing, Caron tells me it was very warm for you guys.

  3. Congrats or all that took part and sorry to hear the news about Shane. All the best in your recovery.

    Praise to Caron for assisting him.

  4. I wish Shane a steady recovery and back training soon, well done to to Rogan for the good performance in 11th, also Richard S. and Caron R. they had a good day running in Austwick.

  5. Well done all! Wishing Shane a speedy recovery and good work Caron (what, after the cows yesterday, it’s been an eventful weekend!!)

  6. well done to Rogan and Richard-no Roseberry type descents for you eh Richard! I managed to get to Sulber Nic till events took over-wishing Shane a speedy recovery, I’m sure he’s in the best of hands tonight

  7. Well done to Caron for her fantastic efforts, and most of all, hope the big man makes a full, speedy recovery and is back on the ale and fells soon.

    Shane became a distant black and white blob in the distance having passed me on the ascent at 2 miles. Rogan then powered past me shortly after, great to see him building his way back.

    Having negotiated the first 3 mile ‘amble’, which was quite the understatement, I felt like I’d hit the ‘fell well’ having set off like a relative idiot given my inexperience. Having struggled on, I reached the tops and lost further places negotiating the technical limestone slabs. Shortly after, I saw Shane, hands on hips and walking. Thinking nothing of it, and getting a grunt, I pressed on and clawed some time back on the final road section in the final 1.75m.

    Unfortunately I waited at the end expecting Shane to be closely behind but it never came. It then dawned on me that two St John’s Ambulances had passed and had eventually been told by Rogan that Shane had collapsed.

    Shane – there’s a much needed pint waiting for you. Hope Sarah is okay too.

  8. Also a mega thank you to Alan Powell who some of our members know-he was doing a cycling orienteering event along some of the same route and was with Shane when I came across him then cycled down to crunnack head to lend a hand.

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