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Well done Phil!

Phil RobinsonCongratulations to Phil Robinson who’s just notched up his 1066th race*; and he only started running at the age of 43. Just don’t call him Norman.

*Phil defines a race as an event that has a prize, or prizes, and an official time for the finishers.


Wednesday 14th May – John Carr 5k series, Race 2

He's behind you!Jamil writes: “After the first John Carr 5k last week Simon Anderson warned us to expect faster times, and his crystal ball-like analysis did not disappoint as a number of Otley runners set new personal bests for the distance.

“The conditions were much improved as runners were blessed with a delightfully sunny evening and a cool breeze.

“I was first home for Otley in second place in 15:48, followed by second-claim member Zack Whitehead in fifth (16:06 and first PB since his return to road running).

“There were further personal bests for the men’s road captain Liam Dunne finishing in 10th (16:14) and Simon Anderson, who timed his final 1k to perfection with an excellent 24th place in 16:58.

“Following their impressive performances at the Leeds Half-Marathon, Richard Smith (17:45) and Tom Potter (18:23) also recorded fine personal bests over 5k, knocking a significant amount of time off their previous bests.

“Tom achieved a 40 second PB, which now means 5k, 10-mile, half-marathon and marathon PBs all in the past seven and a half weeks!

“There was also another outstanding run from Mark Hall who finished 11th in 16:36, very similar to his V50 championship winning time last week. Finally Richard Clarke recorded a season’s best time of 20:14.”

Next week sees the final race in the three-part series with several Otley runners in contention for prizes.

Jamil is in second place overall and both he and Liam are first and third respectively in the V35 category. Mark Hall is in first position in the V50 category, while Simon lies third in V40 category. All to play for next week!

Surname Forename Category Pos Time
Parapia Jamil M35 2 15:48
Dunne Liam M35 10 16:14
Hall Mark M50 11 16:36
Anderson Simon M40 24 16:58
Smith Richard MO 49 17:45
Potter Tom MO 82 18:23
Clarke Richard M50 157 20:14


Wednesday 14th May – Rugby (Northampton) 6m road race

Reporting on his second race in as many days, John Cowan:

A 6-mile road-race round the Rugby. Some rolling little hills. Again a lovely cool sunny evening.The winner was, Micheal Aldridge  (Wootton) RR in 31:45, first lady was Emily Waugh (Rugby and Northampton) in 35:53, I finished 241st in 47:27.

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Tuesday 13th May – Jack Bloor Races

Robin OutersidesGraham Lake writes: A glorious evening’s fell racing on Ilkley Moor for the latest Jack Bloor event. Hills, mud, golden sunlight, scrapes, tumbles, good route choices, bad route choices, banter, blood, big smiles and finally beer. Nowt better!

Plenty of Otley vests at the start all looking to stash clothes as the gorgeous weather meant no mandatory kit needed. The start is steep and unforgiving, and I sprinted up the first part to miss the squeeze next to the fence.

Pulling up the climb behind Sam Stell in the top 15 I slowly dropped back to find my rightful place as we dashed down to the Swastika Stone; then it’s another steep climb before levelling out a bit and making the shallow climb to the summit of the moor. I started to feel a bit better and started overtaking a few people who had passed me on the climb.

After the (horrible) slabs the couple of runners ahead of me went too far on and I got a couple more places back. But then the first of two bad route choices lost me a couple more places just before the steep descent started.

After the steps, and after Robin passed me like a kamikaze mountain goat, I took a sharp right to try and cut the corner, but this was a big mistake as I lost about 10 places, slotting back in just behind Shane Green, who I had a nice little tussle with right to the finish flag. This really is a cracking race, and I’m still thinking of where I can improve for next year (not hard!).

Results here.

The race winner was Ian Nixon of P&B in 41:25 & the first female in 51st position overall was Gill Myers of Wharfedale Harriers in a time of 51:47.

Otley runners included: Sam Stell 18th (45:15), Robin Outtersides 33rd in (49:41), Graham Lake 41st (50:26) Simon Toyne 73rd in 54:12, Steve Robinson 80th (54:58), Tom Lynch 101st (57:42), Hugh Pearson 112th (59:40), Steven Boddy 140th (62:35), Caron Ralph 153rd(63:49), Sarah Fuller 177th(68:48), Liz Fawcett 178th (69:08), Sean O’Halloran 213th(84:34) & Lisa Maughan(85:25)


Tuesday 13th May – Kingsbury Classic 10K trail race

Report from John Cowan:

A fun and friendly two-lap circuit of bridlepaths and tracks round some lakes near Tamworth. A lovely sunny evening after a lot of rain. Not quite a muddy as the Jack Bloor race sounds, but muddy enough. Winner – Daniel Mladenovic of Solihull & Small Heath in 37:27, first lady – Donna Mann – Atherstone RC in 45:30, and I finished in  57th place in 49:15

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Sunday 11th May – Leeds Half-Marathon

Matt John came a brilliant second place in 1:12:18 (gun), 1:12:16 (chip), behind the winner Testafaye Debele in 1:08:28 (1:08:26), with Wetherby’s Pauline Munro the first lady in 14th place with 1:19:43 (1:19:41).

Tom Midgley came home in 1:20:26 (1:20:22); Richard Smith 1:23:28 (1:23:22) (a PB); Tom Potter 1:28:24 (1:28:18) (under 1:30 was his target, so job done); Jeremy Stewart 1:30:59 (1:29:10); Christian Hosker 1:31:49 (1:31:18); Howard Jeffrey 1:37:33 (1:37:18); Andy Webster 1:37:46 (1:37:16); Andrew Rayner 1:54:09 (1:51:51); Reid Haddow 2:01:18 (2:01:14); Jane Butler 2:01:49 (1:57:14); Gilly Wright 2:02:58 (1:59:53); Lisa Maughan 2:05:38 (2:01:39); Anne Yeadon 2:05:39 (2:01:40).

According to Howard Jeffrey: “Conditions were fair for the race which was a 7,000 sell-out with 5,319 finishers. The course was slightly altered from previous years to keep it off a stretch of the ring road, but that made little difference.

“I felt good and had predicted a 1:38 after Keswick last week so in 1:37:18 chip time, job done too! I lacked my usual zip on the downhill stretches though and achieved the time thanks to Andrew Webster overtaking me at about nine-miles.

“With my ethos being never willingly let anyone finish in front of me I dug in and reigned him back at mile 12. I feigned strength to the finish although his chip time was two-seconds faster. Call it a draw!

“There was a stiff breeze at times and squally showers at others together with some warm sunny intervals. That is the end of the weather aftercast. I heard the encouragement from Julian and Ian and some others spectating which always helps, thanks. I have already entered next year’s event and the ‘failed to run’ list is on page 94 of this report!”


Saturday 10th May – CRO Challenge

CRO Challenge

A fundraising event in Clapham, North Yorkshire, for the Cave Rescue Organisation (CRO) so no prizes and hence it was classed as a challenge not a race. Two distances on offer, 12 and 26-miles done as a run or a walk.

The Otley AC quartet of Liz Fawcett, Richard Hamer, Laura Martin and Caron Ralph undertook the 12-mile event which takes in half of the 26-miler by missing out an ascent of Ingleborough.

And the first 2.5-miles are mostly uphill. Read the rest of this entry »


Saturday 10th May – Parkruns

Leeds Parkrun – The race was won by Thomas Hughes in 16:40, the first female in 23rd was Karen Garvican (Abbey Runners) in a time of 20:06. For Otley, Richard Clarke finished 28th in 20:46

Bradford Parkrun – The race was won by Matthew Merrick (Bingley Harriers) in 17:51, the first female in 7th was Victoria Merrick, also of Bingley Harriers in a time of 20:00. For Otley, Reid Haddow finished 151st in 27:29

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Thursday 8th May 2014 – HDSRL Race 1 – Ilkley (5miles)

A decent turnout yet again for the first race of this year, although there were some notable absences on the night. The weather was damp and drizzly but that didn’t dampen the mood and a good evening was had by all concerned.

Many thanks to Ilkley harriers who hosted a fantastic race and have set the benchmark for the rest of the races in the series.

The race was won by Andrew Grant from Harrogate in 27.35, who only pulled away from our Scott Harrington near the finish and first lady in 25th, 30.26, was Sharon Barlow-Hamilton from Ripon Runners. Our top 3 were Scott, 2nd in 28.00; Ed Davies, 10th in 29.04; and Simon Anderson, not to be confused with Rogan, 12th overall in 29.17.

And the rest of us!:

Graham Lake, 20th, 30.12; Richard Smith, 21st, 30.15; Robin Outtersides, 34th, 31.16; Andrew Robertshaw, 42nd, 31.50; Shane Ewen, 43rd, 31.56; Tom Potter, 46th, 32.20; Simon Toyne, 63rd, 33.17; Steve Robinson, 66th, 33.22; Jeremy Stewart, 71st, 33.32; Christian Hosker, 81st, 33.52; John Armitstead, 87th, 34.09; Neil Charlton, 90th, 34.16; Paul Clifford, 108th, 35.17; Tamara Weatherhead, 116th, 35.45; Andy Webster, 135th, 36.45; Stephen Boddy, 150th, 37.39; Louise Riches, 160th, 38.01; Matt Dodd (sic, hahaha!!) 173rd, 38.45; John Cowan, 174th, 38.46; Caron Ralph, 189th, 39.28; Mary Hampshire, 191st, 39.32; Colin Best, 194th, 39.44; Dominic Egan, 202nd, 40.07; Liz Fawcett, 212th, 40.34; Sara Elliott, 216th, 40. 38; Andrew Rayner, 219th, 40.44; Gilly Wight, 221st, 40.47; Rebecca Vaughan, 223rd, 41.03; Jackie Ackroyd, 225th, 41.08; Richrad Humer -sic (hahaha again!!) 243rd, 41.53; Mick Jeffrey 248th, 42.20; Charlotte Tomlinson, 251st, 42.35; Chris Brunhold, 260th, 43.08; Gemma Harrington, 273rd, 44.44 (nice time!); Laura Liddell, 274th 44.47; Laura Hind, 277th, 44.55; Joanna Hobson, 293rd, 46.02; Julie Darling (Ah, is that you Julie Dorling?!)296th, 46.18; David Cattanach, 305th, 47.52; Sean O Halloran, 318th, 49.53; Debra Brown, 327th 53.44; Antonio Cardinale, 329th, 53.51; Gloria Jackson, 333rd, 54.52


Full results from HDSRL race details here.



Runner of the month for April 2014

The Otley AC committee have elected two club members to collect the monthly award for April.

The effervescent, John Armitstead for his wonderful performance at the 2014 3 Peaks fells race & Christian Hosker for his determination in smashing his nemesis to pieces- The completion of a Parkrun in sub 20mins. something he managed at the 30th attempt!

The club president also gave an honourable mention to Mark Hall, Robin Outtersides & Lisa Maughan.

Well done to all!