Runner of the Month for May 2104

Runner of the Month for May 2104

Mary HampshireIt’s a joint award this month to Mary Hampshire and Louise Riches with special mentions for Jamil Parapia, Tom Potter, Simon Anderson and Mark Hall.

Mary put in strong performances in the two Harrogate League races as well as Over The Odda, while Louise continues to improve and, like Mary, ran well in the Harrogate League as well as the Danefield handicap.

(And apologies to Louise, we haven’t got a picture of you.)

7 thoughts on “Runner of the Month for May 2104

  1. Mary indeed deserves this award because she is an awesome runner and a generous one as well, in 2001 during the Farnley lane handicap race , Mary knew that I came just from Milan and I did not my way round , she stopped racing and she waited for me to show me which way to go forward to the finish line , that was at the bus stop at the end of Farnley lane. Louise R. is running well and deserves too the award, well done you two.

  2. I did set off from Milan few months earlier Richard….no the start was from the rugby field and went to the end of Farnley lane, and actually the finish line was at the bus stop near the park, I think if I remember well that was the last time that the Farnley lane handicap race was done, and on that day Mary was a great sport person.

  3. Thanks everyone. I’ve been away in Ireland and then up to my neck in work since returning hence the very slow reply and a no show at Swaledale! Bumped into Billy at the train station this morning, and he mentioned the runner of the month – that’s made my week! Cheers.

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