Wednesday 4th June – Swaledale HDSRL, East Harsley

Wednesday 4th June – Swaledale HDSRL, East Harsley

Who you lookin' at?

Report by Tamara Weatherhead: The third Harrogate League race was hosted by Swaledale; a well organised race followed by a well stocked mega buffet! Thanks Swaledale. It’s a very long way up the A1/A684 or whichever route you took, so it was encouraging to still see a few Black and Whites out there. Full results are eagerly awaited as this was also the June club handicap but on the night we didn’t do all badly: Ian Fisher made a surprise appearance, returning as he is from injury, but still managed a good fight at the front and came in 33.23 mins, 2nd to Mike Burrett, Harrogate Harriers who won in 33.06. Scott Harrington came in 4th, 34.11, impressive after his recent Edinburgh marathon. Then came: Simon Anderson, 19th in 37.39; Richard Smith, 22nd in 37.43; Steve Robinson, 64th in 41.14; me, 105th in 44.07; John Dade, 107th in 44.12; Andy Webster, 111th in 44.40; Michael Pickard, 128th in 45.35; Matt Podd, 144th in 46.45; Paul Clifford, 156th in 47.37; Ian Broadbent, 158th in 47.55; John Cowan, 164th in 48.29; Dominic Egan, 168th in 48.51; Nicola Lee, 173rd in 49.11;Richard Hamer, 192nd in 50.41;  Mick Jeffrey, 194th in 50.52; Sara Richard, 213th in 53.17; Ann Yeadon, 219th in 53.37; Charlotte Tomlinson, 225th in 53.52; Tom Hannah, 227th in 54.00; Laura Hind, 228th in 54.04; Joanna Hobson, 240th in 56.04; Sean O’Halloran, 257th in 59.18; Toni Midgley 262nd in 60.13. Shout at me if I have forgotten you … Gone and joined Thirsk but not forgotten were Liz and Chris Wordsworth.

It’s basically a road 10k, apart from the stretch of track generously sprinkled with ever larger muddy puddles, one of which I managed to sprain my right ankle in after just 2 miles. I now have a matching pair of dodgy ankles, yay! I dropped back and received some encouraging presidential words of support. Thus inspired, I picked it up a bit so I could reclaim my rightful place in the club pecking order, albeit slower than I had hoped for. There’s a long hill around mile 4 or 5 and then down and flattish to the finish. I enjoyed the views more than I did 2 years ago, because of the pain and knowing the route made that a whole lot more bearable. The 100m sprint to the line on the somewhat slippery, muddy cricket field materialise either; I didn’t want to add insult to injury.

And here are some pictures from the night.  The handicap
Richard Hamer and Toni are now joint leaders on 96 points, Dominic and Charlotte on 95, Nicola 94, Sean 92, Andy Webster 90 it’s getting interesting now with halfway through the year. See the full handicap table here

Race Time H’Cap H’Cap Time
1 John Dade 0:44:12 0:14:30 0:58:42 25
2 Sean O’Halloran 0:59:18 0:00:00 0:59:18 24
3 Joanna Hobson 0:56:04 0:04:00 1:00:04 23
4 Laura Hind 0:54:04 0:06:00 1:00:04 23
5 Ann Yeadon 0:53:37 0:07:00 1:00:37 21
6 Andy Webster 0:44:40 0:16:00 1:00:40 20
7 Richard Hamer 0:50:41 0:10:00 1:00:41 19
8 Nicola Lee 0:49:11 0:11:30 1:00:41 19
9 Sara Richard 0:53:17 0:07:30 1:00:47 17
10 Mick Jeffrey 0:50:52 0:10:00 1:00:52 16
11 Ian Fisher 0:33:26 0:27:30 1:00:56 15
12 Michael Pickard 0:45:35 0:15:30 1:01:05 14
13 Scott Harrington 0:34:11 0:27:00 1:01:11 13
14 Richard Smith 0:37:43 0:23:30 1:01:13 12
15 Toni Midgley 1:00:13 0:01:00 1:01:13 12
16 Steve Robinson 0:41:14 0:20:00 1:01:14 10
17 Matt Podd 0:46:45 0:14:30 1:01:15 9
18 Dominic Egan 0:48:51 0:12:30 1:01:21 8
19 Tamara Weatherhead 0:44:07 0:17:30 1:01:37 7
20 John Cowan 0:48:29 0:13:30 1:01:59 6
21 Simon Anderson 0:37:39 0:25:00 1:02:39 5
22 Tom Hannah 0:54:00 0:09:00 1:03:00 4
23 Charlotte Tomlinson 0:53:52 0:09:30 1:03:22 3
24 Paul Clifford 0:47:37 0:16:30 1:04:07 2
25 Ian Broadbent 0:47:55 0:16:30 1:04:25 1

15 thoughts on “Wednesday 4th June – Swaledale HDSRL, East Harsley

  1. GREAT RUNNING, WELL DONE YOU FANTASTIC”BLACK AND WHITES”, you are all a credit to Otley ac.

  2. A really enjoyable race with a naughty hill in the middle and a great buffet afterwards.
    Living in otley, where you can not escape hills, paid off last night as I managed to over take and leave people behind on the hill. I have been having battles with the same people in the previous races and last night I was victorious thanks to the hill. Great turn out from OAC for a race that’s not on the doorstep. Well ran everyone! Now it’s a waiting game for the results and to find out how we faired in the handicap!!

  3. I was there to witness your sprint Richard. It’s all thanks to your unique no-nonsense Lemon Drizzle sponge. Well done! Hope your ankle is better today Tamara? Rotten luck.

  4. Swaledale winning the buffet competition…good butties & scrummy cake!
    Er, some of the running was pretty good too!

  5. Sorry to hear your ankle still hurts Tamara, hope you’re back to full fitness soon. I really enjoyed this one despite the “naughty hill” . Thanks to Andy Webster for the lift, really appreciated it. Well run everybody

  6. Just to show the handicap is fixed…Well done all, Now there’s a caption competition…

  7. I knew I had a good run but not good enough for second in the handicap. Well done everyone again.

  8. I think John’s asking the president if his brother Ken is bringing his tickling stick tonight..
    I’m assuming Mick P was the 45 min. one not the 49 in the results?

  9. Yes Andrew, I have reported that about mick p. Photos confirm that. Struggling with Liz Fawcett apparently finishing behind Joanna?? No photo evidence as the next person is not in shot!

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