Wednesday 18th June – Bramhope Ramble

Wednesday 18th June – Bramhope Ramble

Report from Andy Webster:

A beautiful warm evening attracted me to this self-guided trail race in Bramhope. Due to my legendary poor navigation skills ran with a fellow doctor but unattached to a club who was in charge of reading the instructions. Everyone was able to set of anytime they wished between 6.30-7.30. We set of at a fair pace overtaking a couple of earlier starters. We quickly learnt that you should not follow anyone, and keep reading the instructions, because if you get lost on the page you will find it hard to get back on track.

Only a small field of 62 runners, but came home in a respectable 52:41 seconds, even more remarkable no navigational errors (equal 12th position). David Cattanach finished in 1:14:46 seconds in 49 position.

One thought on “Wednesday 18th June – Bramhope Ramble

  1. I did not know that you were into orienteering David, you are more of a complete runner then me, well done indeed. Also Andy W. did really well in 52:41 that is an excellent ran.

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