Thursday 19th June – HDSRL, Dragons, Guiseley (5.5m)

Thursday 19th June – HDSRL, Dragons, Guiseley (5.5m)

Thanks to Dragons for hosting the final counting race of the season.  The route through Esholt woods was generally reasonably dry underfoot apart from a couple of bits of proper mud on the track down to the sewerage works.

Harrogate’s Mike Burrett repeated his win at the last race, finishing in a time of 30:45, first lady was Ripon’s Sharon Barlow finishing 14th, 34:49.

Despite the alternative “attractions” of an England game Otley had a reasonable turnout of 28 members.  Scott Harrington finished with his 4th top 3 finish in 3rd  32:11, which meant Scott also finished 3rd in the final league standings.  Liam Dunne was 5th 33:01, Graham Lake 13th 34:37, Richard Smith 20th 35:35 , Andrew Robertshaw 23rd 36:13, Simon Toyne 52nd (almost top 50 Simon!) 39:08, 76th John Dade 41:18,  93rd Andy Webster 42:33,  111th Loiuse Riches 44:06,  112th Michael Pickard 44:07,  116th Ian Broadbent 44:34,  127th Matt Podd 45:42,  130th Michael Jeffrey 45:58, 141st Nicola Lee 46:47,  144th Neil Reed 46:54,  146th Mary Hampshire 47:05,  153rd Dominic Egan 47:34,  163rd Colin Best 48:04,  179th Philip Robinson 49:27,  187th Chris Brunold 50:08,  196th Sara Richard 51:00,  198th Lisa Maughan 51:19,  207th Ann Yeadon 51:51,  223rd Laura Hind 53:45,  227th Joanna Hobson 55:26,  238th David Cattanach 57:14,  243rd Sean O’Halloran 57:51, 258th Antonio Cardinale 1:0423.   More details: HDSRL.

3 thoughts on “Thursday 19th June – HDSRL, Dragons, Guiseley (5.5m)

  1. There certainly was some “proper mud” as I managed to go flat on my face in it!!!!

  2. It was a good night for all the members who took part at this race, especially Liam D. who ran a beautiful race, also Andrew R. did well although he is not at his best form, Richard S. too had a good ran in Yeadon, and as well Nicola L. was quite fast on this course. Well done everybody.

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