Sunday 29th June – Bradford Millennium Way Relay

Sunday 29th June – Bradford Millennium Way Relay

The Bradford Millennium way is a 47 mile circuit of the northern bit of the Bradford Met. region.  For the relay race, organised by a Saltaire Striders, it’s split into 5 sections, starting & finishing at Bradford & Bingley Rugby Club.

A preliminary, pre-results report from the hon handicapper:
Neil Charlton and Jeremy Stewart set off at 8am from Bingley on the 10+ mile & 1800ft of climb up to Penistone Hill Country Park recording a time of  1:43:55 mins.  Hugh Pearson & Laura Clark took the baton on Leg 2, a 9+ mile & 1300ft across the Worth Valley and Oakworth moor, finishing at Laycock, finishing in 1:23:05.  Sean O’Halloran and Toni Midgley set off on Leg 3, 8+ miles & 800ft via Steeton moor, the river Aire with an uphill finish at the top end of Silsden in a time of 1:49:45.  Lisa Maughan and Jackie Ackroyd ran the next leg,8+ miles, 1300ft, to Ilkley via Addingham.  A long climb up to the moor from Addingham is followed by a fast 2+ miles of gentle downhill to the changeover.  They ran well together recording a time 1:38:15.  Fresh from a night shift Andy Webster partnered Stephen Boddy on the 11 mile route across Ilkley moor to Shipley Glen, following the river Aire back to the B&B Rugby Club and were pleased with a time of 1:39:17.

Well done all, the team finished 27th of 43 teams finishing. There’s a much more detailed spreadsheet of results here

Leg 5 Finish Andy & Stephen
Leg 5 Finish Andy & Stephen
Leg 4 Lisa & Jackie Ilkley moor
Leg 1 finish Neil & Jeremy
Sean and Toni leg 3 start

6 thoughts on “Sunday 29th June – Bradford Millennium Way Relay

  1. Well done everyone for coming together to make a team. Great running by everyone today, especially Toni for keeping me company today and who had a great run also.

  2. Thanks Andrew for organising and ferrying us around (the long way!).

    Well done to everyone who ran. Seems strange being in the same race but not seeing half the people.

  3. Andrew does seem to like taking the scenic route when ferrying runners. We took a sightseeing trip around the moors as well :). Thanks for the organising and supporting Andrew. Much appreciated.

  4. Enjoyed it, driving round bits of Bradford I’ve never been to before.. the trip from Bingley to Ilkley was a bit boring! I was surprised how many looked to be on their last legs at the end of leg 1, that’s what running with a faster partner on a paired relay does for you!

  5. Well done everyone, thoroughly enjoyed my leg and chuffed with the result. Thank you Andrew for organising (and holding the gate open for us) and to Caron for the morale support and encouragement at the start and finish.

  6. Glad to see I didn’t cause the team to come last!! Thank you to Sean for putting up with me, wasn’t my greatest run to say the least!

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