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Wednesday 30th July – Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games

Ex-Otley AC member Racheal Bamford made her Commonwealth Games debut in the women’s 3,000m steeplechase finishing seventh in 9:45:51 to earn a well deserved PB. The winner was Purity cherotich Kirui of Kenya in 09:30.36.

Full results and the Telegraph & Argus still thinks Racheal is a Black & White. Shhh, don’t tell them! Here’s a newspaper race report (from Kenya – sadly nothing in the UK papers).


Sunday 27th July – Saltaire Shaker

Results for Otley AC: Scott Harrington 1st in 53.39, Tom Midgley 4th in 56.35, Nicky Gifford 110th in 1.31.32 and Antonio Cardinale 151st in 1.47.32. Full results here.

photo 1 photo 2


Saturday 26th July – Park Runs

Thetford Park Run: A nice hot day for the 177 runners. The course is a bit confusing for first timers, you run two laps of three individual laps. The winner was Colin Green, Moray Road Runners 19:12 and first lady in 10th was Clare Mead in 21.21. For Otley AC:

15) Andy Webster 21:57 

60) Imogen Webster 28:00 PB

149) Alice Webster 40:44 PB


Leeds Hyde Park: First male was Gwilym THOMAS, Valley Striders AC in 16:51 and first lady was Sarah GRAHAM Morpeth Harriers & AC in 20:11. 47th was Christian Hosker, Otley AC, in 20:43.

Roundhay: First male was Nicholas CHARLESWORTH, Wharfedale Harriers, in 18.03. First lady was Myra Jones, Valley Striders AC in 19.36. For Otley AC, Michael Jeffrey came 53rd in 24.03.

Sewerby: First male was Danny BRUNTON, Bridlington Road Runners in 17:44. First lady, 7th overall, was Hannah Catherine Rachael COX, Charnwood AC, in 19:47. For Otley AC, Reid Haddow came in 59th, 26:12.



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Friday 25th July – Ultra tour of the Lake District (Lakeland 100)


Report from Sarah Fuller: It was always going to be a long shot this year but there’s no hope like a fools hope, so I lined up with 305 other folk for the Ultra tour of the lake district (Lakeland 100) on Friday evening. Preparation had been going well until the end of May when I caught a nasty infection which led to 2 rounds of antibiotics and a long 7 week lay off from running, truth be told I still hadn’t got over it but I tried to put that out of my mind and decided last minute to have a punt at the race anyway (after all I’d paid my entry and I was rested if nothing else!).

The start as last year was an emotional affair and I was already holding back tears as Jamil and Zack appeared to watch us depart to the sound of nessun dorma blasting out through the streets of Coniston. Very apt as nessun dorma means ‘none shall sleep’ and for the majority of runners that meant until at least Sunday morning. It soon became clear that the other issue (excuse?) I’d have to deal with would be the heat. The temperature and humidity were oppressive topping out at over 90 degrees according so some chaps garmin thingy. It didn’t get much cooler overnight either and it was strange indeed standing on top of black sail pass  after midnight, sweating wearing only a t shirt and shorts. There wasn’t a breath of wind and the heat took its toll early on many competitors with more than usual retiring at early checkpoints unable to stop being sick.  I took it steady and tried to stay comfortable which wasn’t easy and was a little slower into the first 2 checkpoints than last year – not unexpected, I was still coughing and it was hot! However as night came I began to make up time and arrived at Braithwaite (mile 33) with the hardest third of the course behind me well over half an hour up on last year and feeling pretty ok. Sharon Meadows (ilkley) was still with me and I was glad of the company and we would remain pretty much together until we retired.

I foolishly began to let myself believe this was possible despite the problems Id had, and cracked on into the first light of the day feeling pretty positive. The Blencathra leg felt long but came and went without drama then the long haul up and along the old coach road, the heat of the day got going again here and it never gets any shorter but I felt ok and managed to jog a lot of it (very slowly) passing a few sorry looking souls (including a lovely chap who knew Richard Hamer – small world!!). So good spirits at Dockray (49 miles) ready for the long 10 mile leg into Dalemain and ‘half way’ (why do they call it that??!) where I would get access to my drop bag and family. That was the longest 10 miles ever in oppressive heat over gowbarrow fell and eventually into Dalemain estate, I ran out of water and suffered big time and started to feel sick and dizzy (and to add insult to injury had to go through some cows who weren’t happy!). However we were still half hour up on last year at Dalemain with plenty of people behind and several hours ahead of the cut off so took a half hour break to cool down change socks, tape feet etc and felt much better once id rehydrated.

The next 7 miles were to be the turning point, I quickly began to suffer again in the heat and the nausea and dizziness became concerning, my quads all but failed on me in a spectacular display of cramping and pain. I was in bits and not only physically, I couldn’t believe it was unravelling in the same place as last year. So again I sat demoralised at Howtown, 67 miles into my focus race of the year waiting for the bus of shame. I watched people come in and go feeling inadequate and jealous, many of them would go on to finish. So it wasn’t meant to be after all which all things considered I shouldn’t be surprised about, but Im glad I gave it a shot anyway although my feet and quads don’t agree and I think its back to the doctor with my chest (perhaps I wont mention a 67 mile mountain run!). If I go back for another crack it will be in 2016 I need to take stock and get past this disappointment and focus on something else for a while. 306 started and 192 finished so only a 40% DNF rate this year!!

This is a picture Jamil took shortly after the off…..

image003 image005


Wednesday 23rd July – Golden Acre Relay

A fantastic evening for a 3 by 2.75 miles relay on an undulating, loopy circuit of Golden Acre park.  This is a very popular event with about 140 teams towing the start line, so it was a little disappointing that Otley only managed a single full team of president Matt Podd, Julian Mawson & the hon. handicapper, plus Jackie Ackroyd joining up with a couple other ‘spare’ runners from other teams.

A stirring speech from team manager Tom Hannah, fired up Matt to ignore his tired legs and have a good run, finishing with a time of  20.49.  In his first race for several months Julian took the baton on leg 2 passing loads of teams to finish with a great split time of 16.20.  The hon. handicapper took over on the last leg and was pleased to record a split of 16.31, again passing several teams en-route.

Running leg 2 for her composite team Jackie recorded a split of 21.46.  (Note these times are all unofficial timings thanks to the team manager Tom).  Full results will be available from the host club Abbey runners later here.


Sunday 20th July – Masters Inter Area – Solihull

Report from Caroline Marler:

For the 2nd time I took charge of getting a Northern Veterans Team together for an Inter Area match – this time outdoors. We did better this time, coming one place higher – 4th out of 7 teams. Midland Masters with home advantage came 1st, Southern Veterans were 2nd and Welsh Veterans were 3rd; we beat Eastern Vets,Vets A.C. (London based, the 1st Vets. club ever) and South West Vets.

It is always hard to get some athletes to compete and there were some top class ones missing from our team unfortunately but the ones who competed showed a lot of team spirit and were willing to do unusual events. Especially sparse on the ground were Women 60 to 70 years- there was only me and a 3000m runner so I ended up doing 7 events! Fortunately my most important event, the 400m came first and I won easily in 70.6, best time outdoors for 2 years. Later in the afternoon I came 2nd in the 100m in 15.8, 2nd in 200m in 32.2(best times for a few years), won the shot put, got 2nds in the long jump, discus and did an opening height in the high jump just for a few points.

It was a great event and we hope next Inter Area to get more from the North involved.

Next events on the horizon are the British Masters Champs. at Birmingham on 9/10th August, The European Masters Champs. in Izmir, Turkey from 25th- 31st August and later on Yorkshire Vets. Champs on September 27th.


Sunday 20th July – Harrogate 10k

Report from Sara Elliott:
Harrogate10kA few of us decided to do the somewhat more low-key Harrogate 10k rather than JT Leeds.

Hot and definitely not flat, it wasn’t a day for PBs but Scott came a fabulous 4th!!

Despite the fact I thought I was going to die, it was a great race and one I’d definitely try again. Well done all…

1st Marc Scott, Richmond 30.55, 1st Lady Sharon Barlow Ripon 36.40

4th Scott Harrington 33.38,   14th Tom Midgley 36.34,  38th Tom Potter 40.13,  123rd Andy Webster,  132nd Louise Riches 46:53,  187th Sara Elliott 50:21,  220th Billy Rayner 52.17,  360th Toni Midgley 1:02:20.
See full results on the Harrogate Harriers www here.


Sunday 20th July – Jane Tomlinson Leeds 10k

1st Nathaniel Williams 31:43, 1st Lady Pauline Munro Wetherby 35:34

Jamil’s Biology lesson report for Leeds 10k, 

Judging by the amazing crowds at the Jane Tomlinson 10k in Leeds, some of the Tour de France enthusiasm has spilled over into road running. The conditions were warm but as is often the case people confuse the effects of the sun with humidity. At 9.30am the humidity level in Leeds was an incredible 94%.

When humidity is at this level the body cannot transfer heat because the rate at which perspiration evaporates is lower. As blood flows to the surface of the skin, less oxygen is available to the heart and muscles meaning we have to rely on the anaerobic respiration system earlier. This effectively means the build-up of fatigue inducing lactic acid is earlier and the muscles tire. The way to tackle it? Acclimatize. (Some of you will remember Ian Fisher training for the Mumbai Marathon in a boiler suit). Since in the UK we are not acclimatised to running in 94% humidity, race times are likely to be a bit slower. So whilst people were saying it was a hot day, the shade temperature in Leeds was actually 19C. However when you factor in the direct exposure to the sun, you have even hotter conditions increasing the impact of the humidity and further reducing the body’s ability to cool itself.  The brain’s natural reaction? Slow down. Sounds like a traditional running excuse but believe me it isn’t.

To put this into perspective, the weekend before the Leeds 10k I ran the Harrogate park run 5k in 16.01 approximately 30 seconds faster than I reached 5k on Sunday. However, the humidity level was 73% which may actually have lowered the perceived temperature slightly. On Sunday at the 5k mark I felt I was working much harder than the week before. The final results left many people scratching their heads why the normally flat Leeds 10k did not produce Abbey Dash style times but humidity plays a key role. Science lesson over children.

In light of the above, everyone ran like champions. One such hero was Richard Smith who was so delirious at the finish that he failed to spot he had a pb. After a few seconds of swearing and coughing by the finish line, his vision returned and then the realisation that he had entered the pantheon of humidity runners. A few minutes earlier a hot and bothered Zack crossed the line. Next in was Robin Outtersides who barely knew which city. Nicky Lee crossed the line and fell into my arms. Charlotte managed to beat her husband Chris. Not a good day to lend someone your wife’s watch I must say. Well done all sorry if I didn’t catch you at the end. I have pencilled in the next training weekend for the Brazilian rainforest.

Otley results 5th Jamil Parapia 33:19,  Zack Whitehead 34:33,  27th Robin Outtersides,   41st Richard Smith 37:12,  Stephen Boddy 46:52,  Chris Batley 47.21,  Cadan Hoare 49.08,  Nicola Lee 49.23,  Charlotte Tomlinson 53.09,  Melvin Hoare 53.54,  Reid Haddow 53.57,  Emma Jones 56.15.

Full results here,  there are lots of club details missing so please comment if any members have been missed.


Saturday 19th July – Bingley Show 10k

Report from Frank Beresford:

Just to let you know that i managed to win the Bingley race for Otley AC. It was a really hilly course and terrible weather. Which suits me.

Early news give Frank a time of 41:08, & the first woman was Jo Buckley from Bingley Harriers,  see Woodentops race photos here.


Friday 18th July – Washburn Valley Relays

Thanks to all the teams supporting this years Washburn relay’s and it has to be said that the support of fellow team mates was particularly vocal this year including horns & mini cow bells cheering the runners on.

Liam, Scott and Tom

The Otley ‘A’ team, of Tom Midgley (18:23), Scott Harrington (22:06) & Liam Dunne (18:16) arrived at the start line with seconds to spare and battled away with Wetherby Runners from start to finish.  Liam extended the smallest of leads at the end of the second leg to a 10 second one as he crossed the finish line in a total time of 58:45.

Idle were 1st mixed team with the team of Leon Winder (19:19), Sam Clegg (23:59) and Donna Edmondson (21:07) and the first Ladies team was Kirkstall Harriers with the team of  Shamiso Sisimayi (21:42), Niamh Jackon (28:16), Emma Ballantyne (20:14).

Otley’s other men’s trio finished 14th with Jeremy Stewart (19:32), Steve Robinson (27:13) and Andy Webster (23:53), whilst Caron Ralph (24:48), Gemma Harrington (37:26) and Laura Martin (23:24) finished 42nd & 7th ladies team.

Thanks to all those helping out on the night & John Dade for all of the pre-race day organistion,  see full results here.