Saturday 21st June – The Wall

Saturday 21st June – The Wall

Report from Richard Clarke:
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Had a great day out on 21 June running The Wall ultra-marathon. 69 miles along the route of Hadrian’s Wall from Carlisle Castle to the Millennium footbridge over the Tyne in Newcastle/Gateshead. Blessed with fine sunny weather in the morning and blissfully cooler, cloudier weather in the afternoon. Liked that the route was fully waymarked with very clear signage with ‘pit-stops’ supplying food and drink at approximately 15 mile intervals.

Route mostly on road and track with little climbing. Great to have support of marshals, spectators and public along the way.
Struggled to restart after break at halfway point – with stiff legs and a scramble up a grassy hillside, but climb loosened my limbs and was able to settle back into a rhythm. Met up with fellow runner from Guiseley shortly after and ran remainder of race together.
Started race at 7 am and finished at dusk, in a time of 14:27 (they take off your ‘rest-time’ at the half-way point). Loved the event and would do again. Very well organised.

7 thoughts on “Saturday 21st June – The Wall

  1. Well done ! I fancied this till I found out how much road was involved !! Nice one was it your first ultra?

  2. Nice one Richard. The gaps between food stops are longer than vast majority of my runs!

  3. Well done, I used to want to walk the wall till I found running and now want to run it but I think it’d have to be over a few days for me!

  4. Nice once Richard. Nothing can prepare you for that distance really. Glad you made in in one piece to tell the the tale. Whats next ? 🙂

  5. Thanks all.

    This was my second ultra Sarah. I ran the 40 mile Clyde Stride last year. A lovely route along the Clyde from Glasgow to New Lanark. Am booked to do again this year in September.

    What’s next? Next ultra I’ll be booking soon is The Wall 2015 – the first price break is at the end of July, so will book before then.

    Also doing Tough Mudder (Yorkshire), Para’s 10 P-Company Challenge (Catterick), Man v Mountain (run up Mt Snowdon, with a bit of abseilling and obstacles thrown in for good measure).

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