Tuesday 1st July – Danefield Relay

Tuesday 1st July – Danefield Relay

Report from Tamara Weatherhead: Horsforth Fellandale hosted their annual Danefield Relay tonight up on the Chevin. A bumper turn out of 83 teams, given last year had around 40 teams! The race was won by the Badger Beaters: Tom Adams 17.10, Tom Cornthwaite 17.37 and Josh Tighe 17.59, total time of 52.46. First ladies, 24th overall, were Le Tour De Roundhay: Hannah Corne 23.33, Rebecca Fishburn 23.17 and Laura Emily Dransfield 23.20, total time of 70.10

It was another good do for Otley AC ladies with two teams: Otley Misfits: Caron Ralph, me and Laura Martin and Late Arrivals: Liz Fawcett, Angela Srivastava and Jacqueline Ackroyd. Laura made me turn up because I was doing my usual nervous wavering [thank you Laura]. None of us were feeling overly confident of a strong performance, given Caron’s knee, my ankle issues and Laura’s lack of any spare time to run. It was my first Danefield Relay and, as much as I love running round the Chevin on a training night, having to try and race up that tortuously rocky hill  was rough. I turned my ankle early on in the woods so it all felt like hard work, but cheering from Caron, Shane and Liz got me through to the end. I always try and keep running up a hill, albeit pathetically, and I passed a few people walking it – obviously – but that made it feel like a really long sprint to the line to make sure I didn’t get caught by those walkers once they got going again! The Otley Misfits results: Caron on 27.15, me on 24.44 and Laura on 24.40, total 76.19, 37th overall – which, amazingly, got us the first old ladies team! This was a BIG surprise to us and even better it came with a bottle of wine each.  For the Late Arrivals: Liz ran 28.19, Anglea 35.31 and Jackie 28.43, total time of 1.32.33.

Sarah Morvern-Jones ran unattached in the Wortley 3, with her husband Neil and a friend. Full results


4 thoughts on “Tuesday 1st July – Danefield Relay

  1. I used to do the Danefield Relay some years back,and I know well that it is really a tough course especially the last very steep climb. Caron R. with a bad knee did really well with 27.15 , that is really a great effort. Also Tamara W. with a dodgy ankle ran in 24 .44, that deserve a medal.and Laura M. with 25.0 is good indeed , considering the small training. As well the other Otley ac’s team had a good night with a strong performance. Well done everyone of you.

  2. well done ladies, good to see you made sure otley ac was represented again…

    phil r

  3. Good running old ladies! :o)
    Love this event, gutted I couldn’t be there. Will hopefully be free for our reservoir relays.

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