Runner of the Month for June

Runner of the Month for June

Awarded jointly to Joanna Hobson and Graham Lake.

It was a busy month for Jo who took part in the Harrogate League, the Yorkshire Ladies Vets and the Three Lakes Classic Trail, in the Lake District.

Meanwhile, Graham had another active month and continues to improve.

Since awarding Graham joint RoM, the committee has heard that he took fifth place in the 12-metre dads’ race a his childrens’ school on 9 July; so it’s already looking like he could take this month’s prize.

And yes, it was a 12 METRE race.

11 thoughts on “Runner of the Month for June

  1. Graham, not so. All the people behind the winners make them look good and all deserve the accolades!
    Well done to Joanna too.
    I googled the opposite of Ultra but nothing came up…. I suspect it is 12metres!

  2. Wow I’ve just seen this entry & I’m stunned but many many thanks for this & congratulations to Graham too!

  3. Well deserved Joanna , you are a good competitor and you are getting better racing on the calendar fixture, I can see you there, race after race,and there is no better way for you to get stronger on your running. Also Graham deserve the Award for his brilliant running.

  4. Fantastic choices this month. Both have been out and about representing the club and putting in great performances. Well done to you both!!

  5. Congrats to you both, quality and quantity – very impressive & makes you worthy joint winners.

  6. Well done both of you, well deserved. Graham the Dads race was obviously not long enough for you to be able to warm up, you’d have beaten them all had it been longer!

  7. That’s what I’m telling myself Hannah. I was about to execute my ‘drive’ phase when I hit the finishing line ;o)

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