Sunday 13th July – Eccup 10 mile

Sunday 13th July – Eccup 10 mile

Otley AC at the Eccup 10

A cracking race was ran this morning at The Eccup 10mile. This years entries included some of the very best club runners in the area, many of which were competing as part of the Yorkshire Veterans 10 mile championship.

The race was won by this years Otley 10mile winner, Nathaniel Willams (Unattached) in 54:05. 2nd, and first Otley AC finisher was Scott ‘The Bridesmaid’ Harrington in 56:01 – Scotty was also the winner of this years YVAA 10mile title.

The first female finisher was Fiona Davies (Kingstone Runners Barnsley) in 33rd overall with a time of 1:03:57.

Other finishers for OAC were: New member Frank Beresford 3rd in 56:03, Mark Hall with another super performance finished in 16th and claimed the MV50 title with a time of 1:00:04 (dam those 4secs!), Tom Midgley 18th in 1:01:32, Richard Smith 30th in 1:03:21, Graham Lake 35th 1:04:07 (New PB), Tom Potter 69th 1:07:22, Mick Jeffrey 347th 1:24:07, Billy was 447th in 1:29:07, and the only OAC female on the day, Sara Richard who finished 503rd 1:32:44.

Special thanks goes to Tom Hannah for his superb support today, he seemed to be at nearly every point of the course! – How did he manage to do that?


Mick Jeffrey  adds,

Last Thursdays handicap was the nadir of my running career (so far) I was beaten (again) by  Billy, amongst many others. I decided to do another Roundhay parkrun on the Saturday to do a bit of ‘speedwork’ and assess how my comeback was progressing. In May I did 24.18, in June 24.06, July 24.08. Yikes, going backwards again. As punishment and only if it were cool and drizzly, I obtained a passout for the Eccup 10, not my favourite race; too hilly and usually very hot.

Sunday morning was cool and it was drizzling at 8.00 am, by 8.45 I had entered, and by 9.00 am the rain had stopped and the clouds began to break up!. I set off near ther back alongside Billy and Sara for a training run. A steady pace saw me slowly moving through the field. At around 5 miles the sun came out and a headwind appeared as we turned back at the far end of the reservoir. I managed ok to 8 miles struggling increasingly up the hills and from 8 – 10 it was just a question of hanging on. My longest training run for over a year has been one 7 miler. I finished in another pw but was pleased to have finished.

On Monday I went for my end of treatment blood test and was advised, Andrew please note, that my haemaglobin had taken a bit of a beating over the last 6 months and it would take another 3-6 months until it recovers.

What positives can I take from the race;

I didn’t walk
I finished in the top half, just

I finished 11/31 old boogers
Andrew look away now, I beat Billy by 5 minutes!

Tomorrow I’m going to Ibiza for some warm weather training

14 thoughts on “Sunday 13th July – Eccup 10 mile

  1. Fantastic running guys!!! OAC well and trurely represented today. Welcome to the club Frank.

  2. Well done all. I’ve run by best and worst 10m in this race – even beat Mick once! Convoluted course and you can never work out where you are!.

  3. Could be wrong, but I don’t think it was just the Vets (old people) title that Scott won, think it was the open one (YCAA) too.
    Cracking running by everyone anyway!
    Curse of the Runner of the Month title saw Rich beat me (for the first time, maybe??), but good running anyway Mr Smith!

  4. Well done everyone cracking performances, wish I cud hav joined u running! I must add to tom’s fab report (as always!

  5. Eh?! It’s not put it all on!!! Anyway……. Where was I?! Otley also won 1st team prize 2! Yay!!!

  6. Brilliant running from everyone involved! Well done new member Frank and as ever Scott and Mark very consistent! Tom and Graham for their PB’s and of course our lone lady runner Sara. Up the black and whites

  7. PB for yours truly though 🙂 (thanks to Mr Lake for grunting down my neck)

    Well done to Scott, Frank and Mark on their performances and Lakey for the PB on a challenging route.

  8. Like Mr President Matt P. I have run by best and worst 10m in this race who I liked much the last mile to the finish because it is all down hill, and like Richard S. I find the Eccup route challenging as well . Welcome to the club to the new strong runner Frank B.

  9. Congratulation to Scott H. for winning the Yorkshire 10 mile Championship title , it is a great achievement , well done indeed . Compliments to Richard S. for the solid performance and as well to Graham L. for the new PB. Well done to all the members who ran this classic race.

  10. Really good run by Frank in his first outing for OAC. Think he can go a lot faster. Welcome to the club Frank.

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